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  • Best of Smartphones 2022: Our Top Picks For Performance, Design & More!

    It's our pick for the best smartphones of 2022. As usual, the list is selectively curated based on all the products launched in 2022 that we've reviewed And those are our picks for the best smartphones of 2022. in the discussions and if you'd like to know our picks for the best cameras, earbuds or laptops of 2022

  • Best of Laptops 2022: Our Top Picks For Gaming, Productivity & More!

    back with the Best of Series and yes, this is for everything that we’ve reviewed on this channel for 2022 So our pick for the best premium laptop thus far in 2022… goes to the Acer Swift Edge.

  • Alphabet CEO Pichai’s Made $226 Million in 2022 Amid Waves of Layoffs

    Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai was among the highest-paid corporate leaders in 2022, earning more than US He received US$6.3 million in compensation in 2021, when he wasn't awarded the triennial stock grant. Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer of Google, in comparison, both only made about US$37 million in 2022 The filing also reveals that Alphabet spent US$5.94 million on personal security for Pichai in 2022.

  • CES 2022: Intel Brings H-Series to Amp Up Evo Line and Ultra-Thins

    of the Intel Evo 3rd Edition launch roadmap that was revealed at Intel’s Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES 2022) pre-briefing. the hyped-up “Intel Honeycomb Glacier” companion dual-screen system that made its only appearance at COMPUTEX Intel Evo platform manufacturers to develop and roll-out even more foldable form factors for laptops in 2022 For the latest announcements from Las Vegas, head on over to the CES 2022 special coverage page.

  • CES 2022: Next-Gen Hardware Round-Up – Nvidia & AMD

    , three things have been on repeat since their respective Consumer Electronics Show pre-events (CES 2022 Lisa Su, opening the AMD pre-event at CES 2022 with a new tagline: “AMD Everywhere”. The first laptops to rock the new AMD APUs are expected to ship in February 2022. chipset will be available after mid-2022. More details are likely to come out at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022.

  • CES 2022: Intel Eyes Max Performance with All-New 12th Gen Range

    the first time – to introduce 30 next-gen Intel Alder Lake CPU entries at Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES 2022). This includes the all-new high-performance desktop and mobile processors for 2022. , both mobile CPUs – targeting mainstream users – will only officially appear at the equally glitzy COMPUTEX Next are the 12th Intel Core Desktop CPUs – the highly anticipated powerhouses for 2022.

  • Honor Records Growth Amid Decade-Low China Smartphone Shipments in 2022

    Only one major smartphone brand managed to record growth amid China's historically low shipments in 2022 Corporation (IDC), the former Huawei Technologies Co. sub-brand saw shipments grow 34.4% year-over-year in 2022 Apple and Xiaomi, which round out the top five smartphone brands in China, were similarly down in 2022 China shipped 285.8 million smartphones in 2022, the first time shipments fell below 300 million in a The relatively low smartphone shipments in 2022 have also hit major chipmakers like Samsung.

  • SONY Unveils their New BRAVIA XR TV Lineup for 2022

    The SONY BRAVIA XR TVs will be available starting from April 2022 at SONY Stores, SONY Centres and authorized

  • Singapore Strengthening Network Infrastructure To Combat Quantum Computer Attacks

    resilience and security of businesses in the digital economy by making them safe from attacks by quantum computers Quantum computers can supposedly unlock unprecedented advancements in raw computing power, simulation and optimisation by using principles of quantum physics to solve problems too complex for classical computers. The country launched the National Quantum-Safe Network (NQSN) in 2022, leveraging more than a decade

  • MWC 2022: ByteDance Collaborates with Qualcomm to Develop XR Tech

    The announcement, which came out at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC2022), confirms

  • Discord Integration With PlayStation Coming in Early 2022

    bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile” starting in early 2022 companies might mean that the Discord app will be available to download on PlayStation consoles by early 2022

  • Apple TV 4K 2022 Speeds Up And Improves Picture Quality Of Your TV

    We paired a TV that costs under S$1,500 with the Apple TV 4K 2022, and it now looks and feels like a The new 2022 version looks nearly identical to the 2021 version, which boasts 4K HDR video up to 60fps Apple TV 4K 2023 (left) vs Apple TV Android app (right) - Loss in picture details in Android app We can't also tested the Google TV Chromecast, which has a little lower stream quality than the Apple TV 4K 2022 Apple TV 4K 2023 (left) vs Google TV Chromecast Apple TV app (right) - Loss in details but still slightly

  • The ROG Ally Hits Singapore Shelves In June 2023

    Today, the computer hardware maker announced the local availability of its new Windows 11 portable PC Asus officially unveiled the Ally last month after teasing it in early-2023. The Ally was among the products showcased by Asus ROG at Computex 2023, joining the ROG Strix Scar 18

  • Panasonic LUMIX S1H (2 Years Later) : Still Relevant In 2022?

    After spending some time getting to know the Panasonic GH6 not long after its release, realising how good LUMIX cameras were for shooting video got me questioning an awful lot as to why I was never intrigued by the brand, despite the many kudos it's received amongst the videographer community ever since the GH5 made some leaps amongst competitors being able to record in anamorphic modes, 5 stops in-body stabilisation, and a relatively affordable price when it first came out. Although the Panasonic LUMIX S1H might just be a follow up to its predecessor the LUMIX S1, but with internal specs of a 24.2MP full-frame sensor ​​leveraging on a dual-base ISO setting to minimise noise and maximise image quality from low to high sensitivity, recording modes of C4K/4K 60p/50p, 6K/24p 4:2:0 10-bit in 3:2 and 5.9K 30p/25p/24p 4:2:0 10-bit in 16:9, Anamorphic 4K and not to mention RAW video outputs for external recording — its hard to distinguish what else they could improve upon when it comes to image outputs. Despite the overqualification, Panasonic still felt like they had to give film creators 14+ stops of dynamic range and a wide colour spectrum, heat management improvements by adding a cooling fan which supports unlimited video recording, a dust & splash-resistant body design made of magnesium alloy full die-cast frame, while sealing every seam, dial and button designed for usage temperatures as low as -10°C, and also the newly developed tilt and free-angle rear monitor, which can now also be found in the GH6. Other features include dual record buttons on the top and bottom left side of the body and more familiar button placements that resemble the GH6. To which may have been the true catalyst for its birth, considering how similar the two are albeit one being a full-frame and the other of an APS-C sensor. My experience with the LUMIX S1H really felt like it was performing with one hand tied behind it's back, provided that this camera truly could spread its wings when rigged to the fullest with external monitors, cinema lenses, XLR outputs, and probably a V-mount battery to combat the sub-par 3050mAh 1 hour 35 minute running time I managed to get. Even when pinning the S1H amongst other full-frame flagships such as a Sony A7Siii and the latest Nikon Z9, low-light performance managed to outperform both when it came to retaining shadows, yet may have suffered more when pushed up to 51,200 ISO — while in some situations, colours turned out to be undersaturated or muted in Standard picture profile. Among other faults I discovered such as Contrast Autofocus being very inconsistent or how it would've been nicer to test image qualities with different L-mount lenses aside from the 35mm f/1.8 I had with me, the LUMIS S1H has truly set the bar for itself as the flagship to live up to when it comes to image outputs. Then again, I have a feeling a new Panasonic full-frame might already be in the works and might come out sooner than we realise. Written by Fitri Aiyub

  • Acer Predator Triton 300 SE (2022) Review: Awesome For Gamers, Not For Creators

    This is the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE and it’s gotten a well-needed refresh in 2022, having a slightly

  • Apple To Announce New Software, Hardware on 6 June - WWDC 2022

    Apple Developer Program members, Apple Developer Enterprise Program members, and 2022 Swift Student Challenge

  • Google Developing Its Own Smartwatch, Targeting 2022 Launch

    It doesn’t have a release date as of yet, with the company saying it’s targeting an early to mid-2022

  • WWDC 2022: M2 Chip, New MacBooks, macOS Ventura & More

    Air and MacBook Pro Starting off with the most exciting hardware announcement, we have the new Mac computers Similar to the taskbar on Windows computers, Stage Manager moves windows off to the side in a small " With this, it'll bring the iPad experience even more in line with a proper computer's.

  • Best of Audio 2022: Our Top Earbuds Picks For ANC, Sound Quality & More

    We’re back with our top picks for earbuds for 2022! So, let’s get started. The products we’ve chosen here are products that were released in 2022 or very late 2021 and only came to Singapore in 2022. They did launch in late-ish 2021, but we only got these in Singapore in early 2022 so yeah. Our honourable mention is a pair of earbuds that I believe launched late in 2021, although I could be

  • Apple Could Release Four New Macs With M2 Chip in 2022

    hardware could mean future Macs could come with an Apple Silicon chip much better than the M1 sometime in 2022 week's report that Apple registered three new Macs that could be featured in Apple's first event in 2022 Whether that fact is good for the new Macs coming in 2022 or not remains to be seen. Both Bloomberg and MacRumors predict that Apple's first event could be held on 8 March 2022, during a Apple could be releasing four new Macs with M2 chips installed in 2022 due to the company's end-to-end

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