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Razer Blade 17 (2022) Review: Is It Worth A Kidney?

It’s no surprise that Razer makes great gaming laptops and perhaps arguably the most beautiful out there. That remains unchanged with the latest generation of Blades. So today we have the largest in the family, the Blade 17 and it’s a solid improvement throughout. As long as you’re willing to offer a kidney.

Now I’m pretty sure anyone who has seen a Blade for the past few years or so, you would be very familiar with the design language and the latest generation is no different. It’s a full blacked out aluminum chassis that not only looks great, it feels really premium, downright fantastic and more importantly, really professional.

And that’s really what sets the Blade apart. It’s a professional looking laptop that wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom, but yet it can game and pretty darn well at that too. Just take note that while it’s on the lighter side for a 17.3-inch laptop, coming in 2.75 kilograms which is about 6 lbs (6.06 lbs), it is still physically large, so definitely good to have a large backpack lying around.