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  • Bryan Tan

SONY Unveils their New BRAVIA XR TV Lineup for 2022

We had the chance to experience SONY's new XR lineup of 4K TVs for their BRAVIA series, namely the MASTER Series A90K and A80K OLED models, the X95K Mini LED and the X90K LED models.

BRAVIA XR 2022 Lineup, Credits: SONY

Now, we know it can get slightly confusing with the model numbers, but let's break it down starting from the common features that all the XR models have, which is its Cognitive Processor XR. Similar to the neural processing units that smartphones cameras have, this processor is dedicated to cross analyse and enhance images to provide more depth, contrast and vibrancy to the visuals. It's XR Triluminos technology also allows the panels to reproduce colours that are accurate and natural. All models runs on Google TV and support 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Atmos.


Moving on to each product category, we have the MASTER Series A90K and A80K OLED models. The A90K only come in 48 inches while the A80K comes in 55, 65 and 77 inches. These OLED models have a display feature called the XR OLED Contrast Pro which adjusts the panel brightness for peaks in glares and deep shadows.

Next up, are the X95K Mini LED and the X90K LED models, the X95K only comes in 65 and 85 inches while the X90K ranges from 55, 65, 75 to 85 inches. Both are similar in features, being essentially LED panels, except the X95K runs a local dimming algorithm dubbed the XR Backlight Master Drive to precisely control each Mini LED to deliver high dynamic range and natural colours. Other than that, the X95K is also claimed to have better viewing angles and minimal reflection, but in our first impressions within a dark showroom, all the visuals are pretty nonetheless.

Acoustic Surface Audio+, Credits: SONY

Now all visuals must be completed with good audio, the XR TVs all run on very similar yet ever so slightly different sound technologies to deliver an immersive sound experience. Known as 'Acoustic Surface Audio+' for the A80K and A90K and 'Acoustic Multi-Audio' for the X95K and X90K, it uses a variety of sound actuators and tweeters to produce precisely tuned audio that matches what you see on screen.


Aside from the XR TVs, SONY also unveil several other products that will help to enhance your viewing experience. First up is the BRAVIA CAM which, not only allows you to use gesture controls to change channels and adjust audio, it will also calibrate the image and sound according to your position and you can use it for video calls as well. It certainly reminds us of the Xbox Kinect that was quite popular a few years back.

SONG HT-A9 Home Theatre System, Credits: SONY

Aside from that, SONY also showcased their HT-A9 home theatre system and their SRS-NS7 neckband speakers which uses their 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology to create an immersive surround sound experience. Our review of the SRS-NS7 is already out and if you are interested in hearing what we think of the HT-A9 do follow our Facebook or Audiofied YouTube channel.

Overall our first impressions of the TVs were quite positive, we think the minimalistic design will capture the attention of whoever enters your living room, the XR TVs also all adopt a neat little stand adjustment feature where you can elevate the TV for the soundbar underneath or have it as close to the console table as possible so it looks like your TV is integrated into it. Nevertheless, we'll definitely need more time with the TVs to properly give our opinions, so do let us know which of the BRAVIA TV models you want to see us review!




A90K (48")


June 2022

A80K (55")


May 2022

A80K (65")


May 2022

A80K (77")


June 2022

​X95K (65")


June 2022

​X95K (85")


June 2022

X90K (55")


April 2022

X90K (65")


April 2022

X90K (75")


May 2022

X90K (85")


May 2022

The SONY BRAVIA XR TVs will be available starting from April 2022 at SONY Stores, SONY Centres and authorized Sony dealers as well as SONY Online Store, do refer to our table above as releases will vary between models.

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