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  • Cheryl Tan

Redefining Family Moments With The vivo X50 Pro

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The new vivo X50 Pro smartphone is an overall user-friendly package. With a magnificent refresh rate of 90Hz that supports increased brightness of up to 1300 nits, it delivers a bright and vivid display.

If you are in the market for a phone with the best camera to capture those magic moments, then the vivo X50 Pro would be a great choice for you. Major credits to this phone for being able to capture amazing pictures under different circumstances, including in varying lighting conditions.

Equipped with a superior 32 megapixels f/2.48 aperture front camera for capturing selfies and 4 different rear cameras, it ensures memories are kept in the most accurate state possible.

  1. 48 megapixels f/1.6 aperture camera lens with gimbal camera system

  2. 8 megapixels f/3.4 aperture periscope camera lens (far)

  3. 8 megapixels f/2.2 aperture 120-degree super wide-angle camera lens

  4. 13 megapixels f/2.46 aperture portrait camera lens

And in August, I had a few weeks to test out the X50 Pro. At the same time, to redeem myself for not taking enough pictures of my kids, I took them out for a photoshoot!

Most moms would know that we all want a phone that takes good pictures as quick as we flip out our phones. I took the photos straight out of the X50 Pro. Note that none of these pictures have been edited for this article.

The portrait mode is my favourite camera feature. It brings the subject to focus and adds a clear separation from the background. Through the X50 Pro’s bokeh function, I could adjust the depth of field after taking the image, changing the aperture between f0.95 to f16.

What really stands out is the colour science on the X50 Pro. It is true to life. There’s not too much rendering that whitens or filters the pictures unnecessarily. The X50 Pro has done just the right amount that doesn’t need another filter for social media postings.

I love taking pictures in the moment.

The super wide-angle lens on the X50 Pro gave me more background to work with in a tight space. Zooming into this picture, I found minimal distortion. The lines on the drawers were maintained but it did make my daughter look larger than she really is. And this is how wide-angle optics work to enhance perspective.

Kids are impatient little beings, it could be tough to capture clear photos when they are playing. I turned on the Eyes Face Body autofocus tracking option on the X50 Pro and it was quick to detect, track and focus on the moving subject to avoid any motion blur.

Even with 3 close to camera moving subjects, their expressions and emotions are rapidly kept in focus with a lot of details captured.

Other features in this department include the AI beauty make up. It’s not essential for everyone especially kids. But I know a lot of girls will appreciate it and use it. It makes your face a little smoother for that clear skin look!

In the world of phone photography, the X50 Pro punches above its weight. I am impressed with how the picture came out. The vivo X50 Pro did not disappoint.


Written by @Madsncakes ( Community Reviewer)

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