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  • Chelsea Tang

Tuya Partners AiTAN to Accelerate Growth, Strengthen Lead in Thailand

Tuya Smart, a global IoT developer service provider, is set to expand its presence in the Thai market through a partnership with AiTAN, a prominent player in the smart home and smart building industry. This collaboration aims to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the growing demand for smart technology in Thailand.

Touchscreen Smart Switches - Tuya Smart
Tuya Smart enabled Touchscreen Smart Switches

The Thai government's "Thailand 4.0" program, which focuses on digital transformation and innovation, has created a conducive environment for the development and application of smart technology. As a result, the smart home IoT market in Thailand has experienced rapid growth, with smart home products becoming increasingly popular among Thai households.

"With the economic development and people's pursuit of a better quality of life, the demand for smart home IoT products in Thailand has been on the rise," said Haiping Ying, General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial. "This presents a great opportunity for us to expand our business in the Thai market."

Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO AiTan & Haiping Ying, GM Tuya Smart
Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO AiTAN & Haiping Ying, GM Tuya Smart Commercial

The motivation behind AiTAN's partnership with Tuya Smart lies in the opportunities it presents for expansion in Thailand. Tuya Smart, with its expertise in IoT and global reach, will aid in expanding AiTAN's business channels and accelerating the localisation process. This collaboration allows AiTAN's products and solutions to be better and more quickly integrated into the commercial market of Thailand, aiming to provide a seamless experience for their customers.

"The cooperation between the two parties has not only expanded the worldwide business channels of Tuya, but also accelerated the localisation process of Tuya Smart Commercial in Thailand. In this way, Tuya Smart Commercial’s hardware and software solutions can be better and more quickly integrated into the commercial market of Thailand.” Haiping highlighted.

Touch Switches - Tuya Smart
Tuya enabled Touch Switches

The collaborative details between AiTAN and Tuya Smart involve the creation of comprehensive solutions for various scenarios, including Smart House & Real Estate, Commercial Lighting & Office, Hospitality, and Residential. AiTAN leverages Tuya's technology and open platform to enhance its solution capabilities and meet the diverse needs of real estate customers. This collaboration solidifies AiTAN's leading position in the local market and ensures that they can provide a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to cater to the evolving needs of both their B2B and B2C clientele.

Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO of AiTAN highlighted the growing demand for smart solutions in Thailand, "The demand for smart solutions in Thailand is steadily increasing, driven by a dynamic consumer base and a growing interest in technological advancements. AiTAN aims to differentiate itself by offering solutions specifically tailored for the ASEAN market, ensuring they are easy to use, install, and come with professional after-sales service."

Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO of AiTan
Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO of AiTAN

Ranis also acknowledged the potential preference for more traditional, presumably less expensive technologies in the present sluggish economic environment. Ranis said "While economic uncertainties may influence business decisions, AiTAN remains confident in the value proposition of its smart solutions. The company believes that the long- term benefits, efficiency gains, and enhanced living experiences offered by smart solutions will continue to attract businesses, even in challenging economic times. AiTAN's commitment to providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions positions it strategically to address the market demands and overcome potential adoption challenges."

AiTAN distinguishes itself from competitors by offering solutions that are specifically customised for the ASEAN market. The company's primary strategic focus in this initial phase is centred on three essential solutions: Smart Home and Community for property developers, Smart Lighting for commercial buildings, and Smart Home Solutions for the retail sector. AiTAN actively advocates for these solutions and works closely with Tuya to address unique local needs. This collaborative effort ensures that their products and services perfectly match the distinct requirements of the market.


Growing demand for smart solutions in Thailand driven by economic development and the "Thailand 4.0" initiative

AiTAN differentiates itself through tailored solutions for the ASEAN market. - Collaboration with Tuya Smart aids in expanding business channels and accelerating localisation.

AiTAN aims to educate businesses about the long-term advantages and cost-effectiveness of smart solutions.

The partnership solidifies AiTAN's leading position in the local market and ensures a wide range of cutting-edge solutions for their customers.

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