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  • Cheryl Tan

On The Lookout For Tech @ Funan! Part 2

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We’re back with another video on what tech shops you can find in Funan! In case you missed out part 1, go ahead and watch the video here.

1. TK Foto

Best known for their cameras, TK Foto also carries a whole range of headphones and audio gear for audiophiles to test out. There are also camera lens brands that aren’t widely available like Laowa, Tamron, Zeiss and more on sale here!

2. DJI

DJI is known for their gimbals and drones, and there are plenty on display here at DJI’s flagship store in Singapore. If you’re looking to test out a DJI drone before you get one, come by the Funan store where there’s a “cage” that you can experience how it’s like flying a drone under the helpful supervision of the DJI staff.

3. Gadget Mix

For tech accessories or quirky products, Gadget Mix is the place to be. They stock cute phone cases, portable power banks, cables and even fans and soft toys. Head over to the shop if you’re looking for a unique last-minute gift!

4. Infinito Atrix

There are plenty of laptops for sale at Infinito Atrix, ranging from the light and affordable laptops for school to the pricier and more professional options for work, and even gaming laptops. Promotions do come up from time to time, so if you’re on the lookout for a good deal on laptops, do check back with them.

5. Dell

Dell’s a familiar name, especially if you see their logo on your computer tower at work regularly. The store at Funan is their biggest direct store, and you can even customise your computers right in-store instead of having to do it online.

If you’re looking for a gaming solution, remember to check out the Alienware section by the side too for some of the coolest and newest laptops and desktops!

6. Oui Click

This is Oui Click’s first retail store in Singapore and if you’re looking to compare different camera brands and prices, this should be on your list of places to visit. You’ll find everything from camera bodies, lenses, gimbals, accessories and more here.

7. Best Denki

Besides from Courts, there’s also Best Denki in Funan which focuses more on electronics. There’s a whole section dedicated to TV screens and you’ll be hard pressed to pick your favourite, for sure!

8. Gain City

Another consumer electronics retailer, Gain City has everything from speakers, personal audio, monitors, laptops and more. If you want something specific, Gain City most likely has it.

9. Inforcom

There’s plenty of nifty tech gadgets here, from smartwatches like Fitbit to even ink cartridges for your printer. They also have an in-house repair centre which has services to upgrade your devices or recover data.

10. Memory World

At Memory World, there’ll be plenty of data storage solutions for you to choose from. Ranging from the smallest USB thumbdrives to enterprise grade hard drives, there’ll be something for everyone.

11. Lenovo

Remember Lenovo’s ThinkPads and IdeaPads? Well, you’ll be able to get them from the Funan store if you need one for work! There’s also an area dedicated to Lenovo’s gaming range in a dimly lit space with blue LED lights, which looks to be a spot for possible gaming tournaments in the future.


So that’s about it for the tech shops in Funan at the moment, and there’s certainly something for everybody’s needs!

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