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  • Cheryl Tan

On The Lookout For Tech @ Funan!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

A lot of us grew up with Funan being the IT mall, but now that most of the tech stores are located on level 3 of the new Funan mall, let’s take a look at which stores you can find here.

1. Alan Photo

This is an iconic camera shop in Singapore, and used to also be in Funan IT mall. For camera enthusiasts or anybody looking to own a camera, Alan Photo will be a great one stop shop. They have camera bodies, lenses, accessories and definitely will be a good place to get everything a photographer needs.

Alan Photo is also the only place in Singapore where you can find Samyang lenses.

2. Courts

Courts requires no introduction and there are two really cool things to check out here, the Wobo robot and the smart home section.

Wobo is an AI robot that’s meant to help children learn and even grows with them by adapting and evolving with deep-learning AI technology, learning more about the individual child’s personality and tailoring content and interactions to fit the child.

There’s also something akin to a Samsung experience centre in Courts, with a kitchen and living room space where consumers can see how they can customise their homes with smart technology. We gravitated to the fridge and as you can see in the video, there’s an external screen where you can write memos, see what’s in your fridge and even fold and slide shelves to make your fridge fit your needs!

This is definitely the place to be if you’re toying with the idea of a smart connected home and looking to figure out how to piece it all together.

3. Atlas

For audiophiles, Atlas is the place to be for high end audio equipment. Stocking brands like Devialet, LOG and Bluesound, there are some items that are only available at this Funan outlet, so be sure to drop by and take a look.

We were pretty impressed by the IMAGE by Log Audio piece, which looks like an art frame, but is a full on-wall speaker. You can even customise what art you’d like to be shown, or display one of your own art pieces.


If you’re looking for fashionable and unique mobile accessories, look no further than ESINEY. With handphone cases, screen protectors, portable powerbanks, charging cables and more, you’ll be able to find anything your heart desires for your phone at this store.

5. Xiaomi

Some people might not know that Xiaomi actually sells plenty of home products, such as rice cookers, induction cookers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, smart lighting systems and more!

The whole store looks super clean and minimalistic, and it’s a design choice that’s reflected in their products as well. For the handy people around, there’s even a super portable screwdriver toolkit available!

6. Casterly

They first started as a wholeseller of used IT equipment, then moved onto e-commerce and now they have an actual brick-and-mortar store in Funan.

You’ll be able to find anything PC-related, from monitors, keyboards to full computer setups.

7. Audio-Technica

This is the first flagship in the whole of Southeast Asia, and a quick fun fact – this company didn’t start with the headphones that they’re so well known for, they actually started by manufacturing phono cartridges that are used to play vinyl records on a turntable.

There’s a wide range of headphones at this store, from the entry level models all the way to models that can cost S$5000.

8. Mac.Infinity

Want to repair your Apple products? Head on down to Mac.Infinity and you can even grab a cup of coffee at the cafe inside the store while you’re waiting!

9. Fujifilm

At this space, you’ll only find one range of products from Fujifilm, and that’s the popular Instax cameras! You’ll be able to try out different Instax models and there are small interactive booths around where visitors will be able to take photos of themselves.

10. Nikon Experience Hub

There are so many cool features you can check out here, the first of which is the lens wall. You can experience the whole range of Nikon’s camera lenses here, so if you’re looking to have some hands-on time before you decide to buy one, drop by here!

There is also the Nikon School where monthly talks are hosted, with the end goal to have weekly talks and sessions, so stay tuned for that.

Nikon has a special photowall dedicated to showcasing local photography, so if you’re a local photographer who uses Nikon gear, you might see your work on this wall one day!

11. Bose

Best known for their noise-cancelling headphones, Bose has been innovating recently with implementing their technology into new form factors like the Bose Frames, sleepbuds and more.

Aside from those and the headphones, Bose also does home theatre systems and portable speakers, and those can be tested at their store as well.

12. GameMartZ

GameMartZ is pretty much the only gaming-centric shop here in Funan for all your console needs. They have all the newest consoles and games you can want for the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. Aside from consoles and games, they also have accessories, monitors and even full-sized racing seats and wheels.

13. Gamepro

How can we forget about all the PC gamers out there? Gamepro has all sorts of gaming laptops from Razer, Alienware, ASUS ROG and more. If you’re looking for gaming accessories like mice, headsets, keyboards and other stuff, Gamepro has them all too!


There’s plenty more to be seen at Level 3, so do let us know what other shops you’d like to see!

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