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  • Cheryl Tan

Jabra Talks Hybrid Working At Infocomm SEA 2022

We had the pleasure of heading down to Infocomm SEA 2022 to not only take a look at Jabra's offerings in the work-centric audio-visual space like the SPEAK 750 speakerphone meant for conference calls, the PanaCast 20 webcam and more, but we also had the chance to hear from people like Holger Reisinger, SVP, Large Enterprise Solutions at Jabra and Pratik Chanda, Sales Lead, Microsoft Teams Room, APAC on their views on hybrid working and how proper equipment is needed to ensure productivity and efficiency.

At the booth tour, we got a view of the range of products from Jabra's business segment, including the compact PanaCast 20 webcam that we reckon was one of the most consumer-friendly products on display. First off, it's a 4K webcam, which means people can see you in high definition, which is definitely preferable to showing a grainy, blurry image to your colleagues or clients.

Additionally, there are other useful features powered by AI like picture-in-picture, which allows for the webcam to split two video streams, one of the speaker and the other to show a close-up view of a physical item. There's also auto lighting optimisation as well as intelligent zoom, which helps to crop out empty space from the frame.

Now, you might be thinking, any webcam or headset will do for work-from-home, it doesn't matter. Think again. Have you ever encountered a colleague with a bad headset and crackling audio, making it so that you're straining to hear what they're talking about? Well, too much of that and you'll certainly be exhausted at the end of the day.

"Many people underestimate the power of certified devices (..) If the person sounds tinny, they don't feel real. There's fatigue from that, if they look horrible visually," said Aurangzeb Khan, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Vision Systems, Jabra. "And it's just taking mental cycles away from work."

Holger Reisinger concurred, saying: "At Jabra, we make it our most important thing and purpose to bring people closer. And because it's about people communicating, the more human that conversation can be, the more natural it feels for us as human beings being in this virtual setting."

And natural is what Jabra has achieved with their suite of plug-and-play products so there's as little fatigue and technology overload as possible.

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