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  • Cheryl Tan

How To Use DBS PayLah, UOB Mighty, OCBC PayAnyone – Digital Payments With Benefits In Singapor

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

There are so many different ways to pay digitally and it does get very confusing.

We have bank apps like DBS PayLah, UOB Mighty, OCBC PayAnyone which payment can be paid directly from your bank accounts. We also have hardware makers like Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei, Fitbit and Garmin that have their own apps to make payment easier with their devices, which we covered previously.

Today we will be looking at more apps that might benefit your lifestyle.

When you are making payments at any retailers, chances are you will see one of these logos. Most are these e-wallet apps and you will need top-up funds before you can use.


WeChat is the most popular super-app in China and they are progressively introducing themselves to the rest of the world. Recently, they have allowed Non-Chinese bank cards to be incorporated into their app. We tried using our Visa Card and it works. We have yet to pay through this app but we are pretty confident it will work.

Unfortunately, the fund transfer app is still a work in progress and setting up the app can be a challenge as the app native luggage is Chinese and the English translation can be difficult to understand. Overall this will be a very useful app and probably the only payment app you will need if you visit China.


Another such Chinese app is Alipay by Alibaba. Similarly, you can now link your Visa Card to make cashless payment but the lack of clear English instructions can be a daunting experience.

NETS FlashPay

The NETS FlashPay is a local service that only works with a physical NETS Contactless CashCard. The app itself only serves as a top-up platform but its sister app, NETS Pay can be used to make payments or transfer funds via a mobile phone.

EZ-Link app

Another local payment app is the EZ-Link app. Like any e-wallet app, you need to top-up to use it. You can top-up your wallet by linking any of your credit cards and you can then scan any SGQR code to pay or use it for your daily commute on buses and trains.

They are also working with Alipay Connect to make their service available in other countries. What it does is that you can generate a QR code and the retailer can just scan your QR code to receive payment from you. In the description, it seems like the service is only available in Japan for now.

You can also use the EZ-Link service with their hardware or the hardware they partnered with. These come in the form of their cards, their partnered-cards, fitness trackers, wearables and charms. You can easily top-up funds in all these hardware using the EZ-Link app. The downside is their website states that most of their charms and wearables are all sold out.

Grab App

The Grab App is a common app for many and it’s close to being a super-app where there are many services built into this app. Today we will just focus on their payment service.

To use their payment service, you will need to link your credit card and top-up funds into your GrabPay Wallet. You can now either transfer your funds to another GrabPay user or make payment thru Grab’s own QR code or an SGQR code. Payment through the Grab app helps to accumulate points and you can use these points to redeem rewards.

You can also subscribe to a GrabPay MasterCard and use it to make payment. Now if you are a Samsung Pay user, you can add the GrabPay MasterCard to it and earn points and get rewards from both.

Singtel Dash

For the Singtel Dash app, you can either pay by scanning an SGQR code and it will deduct the payment from your e-wallet, or pay directly using your linked Visa Card. requiring you to top up your account before making any purchase with the Singtel Dash.

Like most of the local payment apps, you can get discounts and deals by using the app to pay.

Here’s another tip you if are into deals and discounts. You can check out apps like Fave and Cashbacks where they have tons of discounts, deals and even offer cashback to your purchases.

Link them with your other e-payment services like Grab and Samsung Pay, and you might even earn double the rewards!

If you are an avid traveller, you can apply for some of these travel cards that provide very competitive currency exchange rates and they either charge very low fees or do not charge extra fees as most banks do.

Youtrip and Transferwise provide very similar services. You can apply for a MasterCard with them, use their competitive exchange rate to convert your currency and store your currency in your e-wallet for overseas use. You can’t make payments using their mobile app but you can use it to top-up your e-wallet, or you can use it to transfer funds to recipients from different countries.

There are a lot of options for e-payment and there’s definitely at least one that’s suitable for your needs.

This is part of the SG United Content Series supported by IMDA. Let’s stay hopeful and stay united! #SGUnited #StayHealthyGoDigital.

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