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  • Liling Tan

How To Redefine Urban Cinematic Videography with vivo X50 Pro 5G

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There are some unique features on the vivo X50 Pro 5G that can help you to redefine urban cinematic videography. Benjamin Suttmeier from Ben Goes Everywhere shows off what can be done with the phone in the video above.

The vivo X50 Pro has a quad-camera array on the back, with an 8MP super wide-angle lens, a 13MP portrait lens, a 9MP telephoto lens and the 48MP main camera which has the coolest part of the phone, the built-in gimbal.

In the past, other phones have used software to stabilise footage, but this results in the video being cropped down and can cause imperfections at times as well.

So how do you use it? Well, once you fire up the camera app, you can see an animated gimbal ball in the centre of the screen, and it’s called the gimbal radar. The movement of the ball indicates the gimbal compensating for movement or shake. As long as the ball is kept in the centre, it should mean the video is steady.

To get ultra steady shots while walking around, there’s a feature in the Video mode that’s at the top of the screen that is the Ultra Stable mode. So what are some cinematic shots you can get with the X50 Pro?

The first one is called the Push In, where you walk forward and it’s a good way to introduce a scene or subject.

The next is Pull Out, the reverse of the Push In where you walk backwards. It’s a nice way to transition and exit a scene.

The Follow is when you add a human element to the Push In or Pull Out movements. It can be done walking forward or backwards, and it’s important to maintain a consistent distance from the subject.

Next up is the Parallax. You’ll want to walk carefully and orbit the subject, making sure to keep the subject in the same spot. This will result in a shot that makes it appear as if the subject is staying still and the background is moving around them.

And finally, another cool feature you can do with this phone is to enter timelapse mode while walking. Walk carefully with this mode and the camera will automatically stitch photos together to show a sped-up passage of time.

The gimbal is great for video but it’s useful for photography as well. This is going to be most apparent when shooting in low light, or while on the move. With the gimbal stabilising the lens, the phone can shoot at a slower shutter speed to expose the image for longer and pull more detail from shadows in the scene.

So who is this phone actually for? If having high-end camera capabilities in your phone while you’re on the move is a priority, the X50 Pro is probably a good place to start. Having the gimbal system is a really big advantage as well, for ultra-stable video and low light photography.

For video shooters, having the gimbal in this phone really sets it apart from the competition.


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