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  • Cheryl Tan

Forget the Access Cards, You Can Use Your Face To Enter This Co-Working Space

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Remote working has been the norm for many of us lately, and if you’ve found your productivity dipping because of distractions at home, you might be on the lookout for a conducive, fun workspace outside. Sure, you could always head over to a café, but some places won’t let you work there for the whole day, resulting in you having to pack up and move halfway through. Or there might not be enough power outlets around for you to charge your laptop.

JustCo-The-Centrepoint entrance

Credit: JustCo

Well, since the team at Tech360 is still on the work-from-home arrangement, I checked out JustCo’s new co-working space at The Centrepoint and they have a bunch of really cool features in this space that wow-ed me.

1. Face recognition system

JustCo Face Recognition

If you have a membership package with JustCo, you don’t have to use access cards to get into their outlet at The Centrepoint. There’s a facial recognition system that scans your face, recognizes you and opens the initial gantry as well as a door inside that demarcates the public area from the members-only area – which makes it pretty hassle-free.

I didn’t have to worry about removing my mask to gain entry, JustCo’s facial recognition system was tweaked so that it will recognize you even with a mask on to comply with the current mask-wearing requirements.

Of course, access cards or your phone can also be used to gain entry, but why would you want to carry an additional card around when your face can get you in?

2. Use phones to unlock room doors

justco room lock

The hassle-free arrangements did not just stop at the doorstep. If you book a meeting room at JustCo, you won’t have to wait for someone from management to come by and unlock the room for you. You will be able to unlock the door from the JustCo app, by just tapping your phone to the lock.

3. Enjoy robot-made coffee, tea or drinks

Just Co - The Centrepoint

Credit: JustCo

It is not often we see a robot barista making drinks for us. If you’re in the mood for some fancy drinks made by a robot barista, you can head on over to the in-house café, Ratio. There, you’ll find three robotic arms, two that make coffee and tea drinks, while another is surrounded by a multitude of bottles suspended from the ceiling to make alcoholic cocktails.

You can either use the JustCo app or the self-service kiosks around to place orders.

4. Pay-as-you-use


Credit: JustCo

If you’re not looking for a subscription commitment though, The Centrepoint outlet actually piloted an on-demand workspace platform called Switch. Users pay only for the amount of time they spend in the space, right down to the minute, which makes it a great option for people looking for flexibility in terms of where and how they work.

Unfortunately, Switch users at The Centrepoint outlet don’t have access to the members-only area, which also includes the pantry, so if amenities like the pantry, nap room and recreational activities like the air hockey table are important to you, you’ll want to consider their membership plans.

JustCo - The Centrepoint

Credit: JustCo

While there is a lot that’s nice at this co-working space, if we really had to nitpick, we’d say it would be better if there was a wider variety of offerings at the pantry in terms of snacks. Instead of having to pop out to grab food, it would be great if there were snacks or even cup noodles available at the pantry for a quick meal.

Alternatively, though, there are in-house pastries and small bites available for sale at Ratio, so that’s also an option!


Credit: JustCo

More information about JustCo at The Centrepoint can be found on JustCo’s website.


Written by Cheryl Tan

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