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Enabling Lives with Assistive Technology – Roger Pen

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Vanessa Lorraine Chea was born into the world as a child with normal hearing. She lived a normal life with her parents for a couple of years until they noticed that Vanessa wasn’t responding well to sounds. Her parents, filled with worry, took Vanessa to a doctor. However, the doctor later told her parents that she was suffering from mild hearing loss.

That was the first time Vanessa had to use hearing aids. According to her, it was normal for students with special needs like her to use assistive technology such as hearing aids to catch up in class. However, Vanessa found them too bulky and inconvenient due to the multitude of wires. Although she didn’t like her hearing aids, she wouldn’t be able to do well at school without them. Thus, she learned to live with her bulky hearing aids.