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  • Cheryl Tan

Enabling Lives with Assistive Technology – Life Glider / Firefly

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We speak to Carolyn Lim and Joseph James, two users of assistive technology devices that have helped them with their mobility issues and improved the quality of their lives.

Realtor Carolyn Lim was struck by lightning while she was out windsurfing in 2006. One of the biggest things that struck her when she was discharged from the hospital was that she had come back to a world that was completely unsuitable for her. Small, everyday things like moving to her kitchen from her living room were difficult.

Her husband saw reviews of the Life Glider mobility aid online and was excited to find out that TechAble would bring the device into Singapore. Carolyn feels that with the Life Glider, her husband is able to go about his day, knowing that Carolyn is safe, which is a big load off his shoulders mentally and emotionally.

The Life Glider device makes it impossible for the user to fall, and that stability gives security for both the user and the user’s family and loved ones. With it, Carolyn is able to be more independent, and the Life Glider allows her to practice walking alone without her husband or a family member there worrying that she might fall down.

For Joseph James, he was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. In Joseph’s case, the condition affects his legs more than his arms.

Joseph is the sole breadwinner of his family doing GrabFood deliveries, and he relies on the Firefly, an electric scooter attachment that can attach onto a manual wheelchair to turn it into a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA).

Before he started using the Firefly, he was sending his children to school using crutches, and handling two small children while his hands were occupied was a big challenge.

Joseph states that a good thing about mobility devices is that there’s no longer a need to push the wheelchair manually, and everyday activities like sending his children to school, purchasing groceries and food are much easier. His wife is also more relaxed since Joseph is able to do everything by himself.

Despite the difficulties though, Carolyn feels that there’s still a lot to be appreciative for, stating “my life had been going a very different way before the accident, and then after the accident, it gave me a new appreciation for things that I had not really cared about.”

Joseph concurs, mentioning that he managed to know about and obtain the Firefly through a friend who was also using it and that if “you do something (with) your life, I’m sure doors will open (for you).”


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