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  • Bryan Tan

Is Going Green A Matter Of Time For All Of Us? - Are You eReady?

Are you considering an electric vehicle but not sure what to expect? Ricky, a retiree, tries an EV for the first time and shares his thoughts about the importance of going green!

Q: Could you give a self-introduction of yourself?

I'm Ricky, I'm retired. I've been driving for almost three decades. I ferry my children from school and now to work. Till now, I'm still ferrying them for errands so that's my routine life.

Q: So what's the agenda today?

I'm here because I've been given the opportunity to try the BMW iX3. Drive it, feel it and see what I think about it. To be very frank with you, this is the very first time I’ve tried an EV.

So when I got into the EV, it was the same feeling because it's the BMW cockpit that I love, cause I’ve been driving a BMW for the past 35 years.

So when I got in, everything was very familiar to me, the only thing is that it is running on electricity and not petrol. It’s as per normal.

Q: Why are you looking to switch to an EV?

I'm looking forward to EVs because the infrastructure is coming out, everybody is going electric and less carbon footprint.

So at our age, we need to move forward rather than stay stationary. The thing that I'm worried about is, how am I gonna adapt to it.

Q: What is your biggest concern about switching to an EV?

I do have worries that most people have, in the sense that the infrastructure isn’t fully there yet. So I’m worried if the battery runs low and we’re caught in a jam. Where should we get the charging from?

I need to correct my driving habits and I need to plan my trips, so it's a good thing. We’re helping reduce our carbon footprint and we are developing good driving habits and not wasting too much time.

So it should be a positive thing moving forward.

Q: How important is going green to you?

Going green in general is not only about us or myself, it's a whole global thing. As a senior myself, we’d like to move forward. It's a matter of time, it need not be fast or slow but at least we’re moving.

If we are so negative that we want to stay stationary, then the thing won’t work. It is something that you’ll have to try, imagine that you're owning it, and then you’ll enjoy it.

If you don't try it, you're not making a first step towards EVs. One step forward, move forward!


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