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  • Cheryl Tan

5 Useful Features of the Samsung Tab S6

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hardware is getting more and more powerful as the days go by. But it’s not just more powerful, it’s getting smaller too. We’ve been using the Samsung Tab S6 for the past couple of weeks and suffice to say, it’s been pretty interesting.

For most people who uses a tablet, it’s either as an entertainment device, or as a creative tool.

Personally, we’re 50-50, and to our honest surprise, we actually quite like the S-Pen. We mainly use it to jot down quick notes, or maybe a simple doodle, but one cool thing is that you can actually use it as a clicker for a presentation.

One click to go to the next slide, double click for the previous slide. Simple as that.

Another thing you can do with it, which we didn’t really use often, to be honest, is the ability to control the camera. Click the button to snap a photo, swipe to cycle through the modes, so on and so forth. It can basically do everything that the Note 10 can.

Next is something new on the Tab S6, and that’s Transparent Note. So, say you want to quickly jot down something while doing something else, like watching a video, you can simply tap on Create Notes and scribble away on the little window that pops out.

It’s like a digital Post-It note. You can then adjust the opacity of the note via a slider, which will allow you to see what you’ve written without interrupting too much of what you were doing.

Once you’re done, you can save the note, and share it with others via email, cloud, Bluetooth and more, which is kind of neat.

Now the Tab S6 is a tablet, but you can actually use Samsung DeX right on the tablet itself, which will mimic a desktop experience. It’s actually pretty nice, and we used that mode most of the time while using the tablet.

But if you get the DeX Cable and the Keyboard Cover, you can then also use DeX on the big screen, but also be able to use the Tab S6 as a separate unit. This is thanks to the inclusion of the trackpad on the new Keyboard Cover, which allows me to control the desktop experience with it while using touch to navigate the tablet itself.

As mentioned, with DeX, you get a desktop experience. You can open up folders, view multiple windows, drag and drop files, and more. In our opinion, this is the best way to use this tablet.

When you’re out and about you can also make use of Samsung Flow if you’re in the whole Samsung Ecosystem.

With the latest Samsung smartphones, like the Note 10 right here, you can connect it to your Tab S6. So now, even if you leave your phone to charge, you don’t have to check your phone every now and then. You’ll get notifications right on the tablet, and you can even reply to them on the tablet itself.

But the more important feature that people will appreciate is the ease of transferring content.

Simply hit the plus sign on the Flow History, choose your desired file, be it a document, photo or video, and it’ll appear right on the other device in seconds. Of course, it works the other way around too.

So for us, transferring photos and editing them on the bigger screen is a little more enjoyable.

Lastly, there’s this. A Pogo Charging Dock. Not only does it charge the Tab S6, but by using this, it makes the Tab S6 functional even when you’re away from it, through Voice Commands.

All in all, it was definitely a pleasant surprise using the Samsung Tab S6.

This content was brought to you in partnership with Samsung Singapore.

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