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  • Cheryl Tan

5 Things You Didn’t Know About giga!’s New 50GB Plan

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Things are getting out of hand in the telco competition. giga! has now come up with a 50GB plan that costs just S$45. Let’s take a look at five things you might not have known about their new plan.

1. Most Affordable 50GB Plan

To start off, there aren’t a lot of plans that give you 50GB worth of base data to start with. Forget about plans that say they give you 70GB of data, because if you look closer, sometimes it’s just 50GB + 20GB free data and that free data promotion could end at any time.

Compared to plans offering 50GB of base data at around S$100, giga!’s is definitely more affordable at S$45.

2. Possible Total of 100GB Data

Most of us won’t be able to use up 50GB of data in a single month unless we really never connect to WiFi, and make an effort to burn through the data by streaming videos, making video calls and more.

Well, giga! is the only mobile service to offer a rollover data feature which is capped at 50GB over 2 renewal cycles. So if you only use around 25GB of data each month, on your third month you’ll have 100GB of data! Imagine all the things you could do with that.

3. Unlimited* texts and talktime

You might be saying “Well, TPG gives me 2GB of data at 4G speeds everyday. If you count it, that’s 60GB a month!”. True, but TPG also doesn’t allow you to send more than 20 SMSes or call landlines for more than 20 minutes every month.

With giga!’s 50GB plan, you get “unlimited” texts and talktime. Of course, this is subject to their fair usage policy which caps out at *10,000 texts and 10,000 minutes of talktime. But who is ever going to send that many texts or talk on the phone for that long?

The cheapest plan from one of the telcos that also include “unlimited” texts and talktime? Well, that’s Singtel at $68.90, but that plan only has 3GB of data and 2GB of Singtel WiFi.

4. No Administrative Fees

With other telcos, you might have to pay administrative fees to activate data roaming or upgrade plans. giga!’s services are all administrative fee-free, thankfully. I’ve purchased roaming data packs while I was overseas without a hitch and never had to pay any fees.

We’ve heard that if you’re an existing giga! customer and want to upgrade to the new 50GB plan, you’ll be able to do so without any fees as well.

5. Save S$5 For First 6 Months

But here’s something that’s really enticing. giga! is currently running a limited-time deal until 15 January 2020 for a S$5 discount on their 50GB plan. If users sign up for the plan by then, they’ll pay S$40 (U.P. S$45) for the first 6 months!

That’s a S$30 discount in total, so almost a full month free. Not a bad deal at all.


More information and signup can be found on giga!’s website.

This content was brought to you in partnership with giga

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