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  • Cheryl Tan

5 Things You Can Do With 50GB of Mobile Data

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I know, I know. Most of us are desperately looking for ways to reduce the amount of data we use each month so that we stay under our data caps, but what if you don’t have to worry about that? What if you have an outrageously large amount of data that you don’t even know how to use up? Well, I’m here to help with 5 suggestions. I recently accumulated 50GB of data with giga!’s Rollover Data feature, so let’s start using it up!

Netflix Streaming

I usually download episodes of whatever series I’m watching at the moment so that I can watch Netflix on the go without exceeding my data limit, but with 50GB of data, there’s no need to be cautious at all. Binge watch episodes to your heart’s content!


PUBG, Fortnite and Mobile Legends are just some of the popular games around, but isn’t it a pain when you’re limited by your data cap? “Hey guys, I can’t play another match or my data is going to run out” is probably the worst thing to say when you’re on a winning streak.

So if more data is going to let me keep getting those chicken dinners, you can bet I’ll be a happy camper.

Hotspot Tethering

This possibly takes up the most amount of data if you’re constantly uploading and downloading stuff for work like me. In one day, I used up 4GB of data, just by downloading and uploading a 4K video alongside general web browsing!

A more reasonable number would probably be somewhere between 1-2GB a day if you’re just browsing the web and watching YouTube videos.

Watch all the IG Stories and IG Live Videos

Instagram is the app that uses up most of my data each month (around 3GB) and it’s most likely my incessant watching of IG stories that drives the data usage up. I’ve been trying to cut down, but when my friends have such fun lives, it’s hard to not want to keep up with them.

With 50GB of data, there’s no need to pick and choose which friends’ stories to watch. Just view them all!

Watch Video Streaming Services on HD Settings

So I’m definitely guilty of exceeding my data limit just because I can’t stand low resolution videos. Whenever I’m streaming baseball matches or Netflix, I choose the highest possible quality because it’s just not an enjoyable experience otherwise.

I’m sure it’s not just me who prefers to consume content in HD, or even UHD, quality, so the more data we have, the better!


If you still have leftover data after doing all of the above, don’t worry. giga! is the only telco in Singapore to have this Rollover Data feature, which allows you to bring over whatever data you have left for 2 renewal cycles, so you could possibly keep rolling forward unused data to the maximum cap of 50GB. So much data might seem a little excessive, but better safe than sorry; I don’t enjoy getting a shock when I see my monthly bill statement!

More information about giga and the Rollover Data feature can be found here.

This article is written in partnership with giga!.

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