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  • Kyle Chua

What To Expect at Apple’s September 2022 Launch Event: iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, AirPods Pro

Apple has officially confirmed that it'll be holding a launch event on 7 September, where it's expected to unveil a range of new products, chief of which is the iPhone 14.

Credit: Apple

The tech giant announced it’ll be streaming the entire event online, similar to its previous launches. And it’s expected to be packed with hardware announcements, so anyone who might be looking to upgrade their tech companions this year might want to tune in.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect at the show:

iPhone 14

iPhone 13. Credit: Apple

Apple’s next iteration of its flagship family of handsets, the iPhone 14, is anticipated to be the highlight of the event. The Cupertino company is once again set to unveil four new iPhone models: the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

While the entire lineup is expected to boast some worthwhile upgrades over last year’s models, the big features are rumoured to be exclusive to the two more expensive Pro models. These being an always-on display, a more capable A16 processor, a 48-megapixel rear sensor and a major redesign that ditches the divisive notch in favour of a hole-punch cutout.

Perhaps the most significant change in this year's lineup is how Apple is getting rid of the Mini model in exchange for a Max version of the base model. This means there'll now be a more affordable option to enjoy the 6.7-inch display without the need to fork the extra cash for the Pro Max model. The iPhone 14 could also tout an improved selfie camera. But apart from these, there likely won't be any other major changes over the iPhone 13, with both base models reportedly shipping with the same A15 processor under the hood.

All four models are rumoured to be packing 6GB of RAM, with the Pro models enjoying the newer LPDDR 5 standard versus that of the base version's LPDDR4X, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports.

Watch Series 8, SE & Pro

Apple Watch Series 7. Credit: Apple

Alongside the iPhone, Apple is also believed to be revealing new Watch devices, including the long-rumoured "Pro" model.

The first of which is the Series 8, which Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said would come with a new S8 chip, though it's not expected to bring a noticeable change in performance over previous generations. The new wearable could also include a temperature sensor that can let you know if you have a fever. As for the much-discussed blood pressure monitor, that's still a ways off and won't be included in this year's model.

Apple is also refreshing the Watch SE, packing the same S8 chip from the Series 8, which should give this new model a performance boost over its predecessor. Besides that though, the features and the design are expected to remain the same as the existing model.

Last but definitely not the least is the so-called “Pro” model, which has been described as a rugged alternative for the standard Watch series. Gurman said the debuting wearable could sport a larger display measuring close to two inches. Being geared for extreme sports athletes, the design focuses on durability, with a strong metal housing and a rubberised exterior.

New AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro. Credit: Apple

Apple could finally be updating the AirPods Pro after three years. The rumoured "AirPods Pro 2", as it's currently being called, reportedly features an overhauled design and upgraded motion sensors. Kuo claims it might also support lossless audio, though this seems more up in the air than other features as Bluetooth connectivity typically compresses audio quality.

The case could also get an upgrade, with it including a speaker that'll allow it to emit a sound in case it gets lost. Right now, only the AirPods itself have that capability.

Other Potential Announcements

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple has a "flood of new products" coming within the next year. Among them are upgraded Macs and iPads, along with a new HomePod. Apple could be saving these for a later event, but there's still some chance that one or two of them could make an appearance.

Then, there's software. Apple has already revealed the next versions of iOS and watchOS, for instance, and could finally announce their official roll out at the show.

  • Apple has officially confirmed that it'll be holding a launch event on 7 September, where it's expected to unveil a range of new products, chief of which is the iPhone 14.

  • Similar to last year's lineup, there's once again four iPhone models this year: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • Alongside the flagship handset, the Cupertino company is also expected to unveil the Watch Series 8 and the AirPods 2, among others.

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