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Veteran Samsung Leader Takes Up New Role As President and CEO, SEA & Oceania

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Sangho Jo – President and CEO of Samsung Electronic Europe, now President and CEO of Samsung Electronic Southeast Asia and Oceania Credit: Stuart Bailey Commercial, Advertising, and Lifestyle Photographer

Sangho Jo, Samsung’s President and CEO in Europe, is set to return to his company’s Southeast Asia (SEA) and Oceania’s market as its new President and CEO to oversee the company’s growth in the region.

Mr Jo is a veteran Samsung leader with invaluable experience from regions of SEA and Oceania Additionally, he also has handled various markets in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland in various high ranking positions such as Senior Vice President, President, as well as CEO and President in the past according to his Linkedin profile.

In a press release on January 5, Samsung Singapore announced the appointment of Mr Jo to lead Samsung SEA and Oceania as its president and CEO to guide the company’s business in the region towards “cementing its industry leadership and seizing long-term growth opportunities.”

Samsung has credited Mr Jo to have led its European market to attain a “sustainable commercial growth and brand favourability” during the abrupt interferences in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In an era defined by rapid digital disruptions, we are committed to empowering the digital ambitions of nations, industries and communities in SEA and Oceania,” Mr Jo said, “and to help fulfil the potential of the people here through next-generation technologies.”

Mr Jo also mentioned that he is looking forward to improving the strong relationships the company has built with its partners and customers and to lead Samsung into “the next stage of growth” in SEA and Oceania.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

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