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Users Report Problems After macOS Monterey Update

Better wait than sorry? Many users of older Macs were in for a surprise after installing the latest update, which was officially released on 25 October 2021.

Credit: Apple

Making use of the tagline "High powered meets 'Hi Everyone'", the highly-anticipated macOS Monterey promised a bevvy of exciting features like new FaceTime updates, a redesigned Safari, new ways to work through Universal Control and Shortcuts, plus so much more.

Hence, it’s not surprising that Mac users were excited to upgrade their macOS as soon as it became available last week. However, excitement quickly turned to disappointment as several users started posting online about encountering problems after they "upgraded" their computers to macOS Monterey. User reports shared that they were not able to turn on their computers after installing the update.

Some also reported that their computer’s ports were also rendered useless, leading to more problems as they couldn’t charge their laptop without it.

The problems were reported mostly by Mac users with older models of MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini. According to MacRumors, newer computers that make use of Apple silicon are seemingly not affected since they didn’t see complaints from such users.

For some, this might feel like deja vu as similar incidents were reported after the launch of macOS Big Sur. Just like with macOS Monterey, the previous update also ended up bricking older models of the MacBook Pro. Possibly having learned their lesson from last year, there aren’t as many users who have reported problems caused by the macOS Monterey as compared to macOS Big Sur. It’s also possible that it’s still a bit early to tell how many were negatively affected by the "upgrade" as they’ve yet to report their experience.

Credit: MacRumors/Twitter

Users expressed their frustration online as they reached out to Apple Support and Apple for help. One user even warned, "Guys, update at your own risk" after claiming that the update "literally killed" his 2020 MacBook Pro. Another user suggested to "not update to macOS Monterey until it’s fully stable" as his MacBook Pro 2015 has become unusable after the update. Another user reported that "four ports are not turning on at all since yesterday’s update" and tried to contact Apple Support for assistance but no other information was made available except to expect an update "soon" to resolve current issues.

As this has become a recurring problem with macOS updates, one user suggested that "Apple should be stress testing releases to the extreme before letting them out in the wild. I’d be really screwed if my MacBook Pro got bricked being self-employed and relying on it for my sole source of income."

Credit: MacRumors/Twitter

Aside from bricking issues, according to several posts online, Mac users have also reported memory leak issues and overheating due to the macOS Monterey update.

Apple is yet to address the issue and provide a more plausible solution to its users. If you’re thinking of upgrading to macOS Monterey, from the look of things, it’s best that you wait a while.


Written by Abby Rebong

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