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Soundpeats Air 3 Review: One Of The Best Value Open-fit Earbuds Around!

If you need open-fit stuff so you can hear your environment, well, these earbuds aren’t terrible. We have the Soundpeats Air 3 with us today and they’re probably one of the best value cheap open-fit earbuds right now.

Let’s talk design first. The case is incredibly small and lightweight, like, it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve seen such a small case. This will slip into the small coin pocket of a pair of jeans, no problem at all. On the front, you get a charging LED that doubles up as a case battery indicator light, and a pairing button under that.

On the bottom, you get a USB-C charging port and that’s about it for the outside. Inside, you get the earbuds. It actually looks quite sleek. There’s a sil