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Streamlining Your Workspace with the Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950

The Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 aims to simplify the experience of managing both work and personal tasks from a single workspace. As someone who often finds themselves juggling between professional and personal computing needs, I was eager to test this new solution from Logitech.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950

Right out of the box, the sleek and minimalist design of the Signature Slim Combo makes a great first impression. The keyboard features a compact and really slim yet full-sized layout with laptop-inspired low-profile keys made of 62% post-consumer recycled plastic with a graphite colourway. Typing feels comfortable and familiar with 1mm key travel. The Signature M750 mouse has a comfortable contoured shape that I'm sure will fit most people's hands well, made from 61% recycled plastic for the graphite version. Both devices are lightweight yet feel solidly built. They are also certified carbon neutral and made partially from post-consumer recycled plastic, earningthem points for sustainability.

One standout feature of the Signature Slim Combo is its ability to seamlessly switch between up to three different devices. With a single tap of the Easy-Switch button, I was able to instantly start typing on my work laptop, then on my personal desktop, then on my tablet. This allowed me to stay focused on my task without having to unpair and re-pair devices. The 2.4GHz Logi Bolt USB receiver also provided reliable connectivity without lag. However, to switch between profiles or devices, you need to change the keyboard and mouse separately since there’s no option to do it with one button. Setup is simple with the included Logi Bolt USB receiver - just plug it into any Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS or Android device. It can also connect via Bluetooth.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 Logi Options+

The Logi Options+ software gives users plenty of customisation options to optimise their workflow. I appreciated being able to create Smart Actions like muting my microphone or launching specific apps with customisable keyboard shortcuts. I could also adjust settings like scroll wheel speed and button mapping to my liking. Transitioning between tasks was made even more seamless with features like volume control and media playback buttons. The mouse allows switching between two DPI settings, which provides enough customisation for most users. One downside I noticed is that the keys for the keyboard are not backlit, which would have been useful for working in low-light conditions.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 Battery Life

Battery life is also impressive at up to three years for the keyboard and two years for the mouse. Both devices are charged via standard AA/AAA batteries, removing the need for proprietary chargers. In comparison to rechargeable batteries, which require continual charging, I prefer battery-operated mice and keyboards because they work longer even when used frequently.

Pricing and Availability

Signature Slim Combo

SGD $189

Signature Slim K950 keyboard

SGD $139

While the Signature Slim Combo provides an elegant 2-in-1 solution, some users may prefer to purchase the keyboard separately if their needs don't require the full combo. The Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard can be purchased on its own for those looking for an upgrade to their existing setup. Its slim yet full-sized design and laptop-like typing experience would be a nice addition to any work-from-home setup. So those wanting the flexibility to mix and match Logitech peripherals have options to consider beyond just the Signature Slim Combo bundle.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950

In summary, the Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 delivers an effortless experience for managing work and personal tasks from a single workspace. Its seamless device switching, customisable software, and solid build quality will appeal to professionals and casual users alike. While pricey, this combo is worth considering for those seeking an elegant two-in-one solution to simplify their desktop setup.

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