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Dyson Airstrait | A Revolutionary Way to Straighten and Style Hair

Dyson is renowned for its innovative hair care tools that utilise powerful airflow technology. Their creation, the Dyson Airstrait, promises to revolutionise how we style our hair from wet to dry. As someone who regularly straightens her hair, I was eager to test this new wet-to-dry straightening solution.

Dyson Airstrait

The Airstrait is unlike any other tool on the market. Instead of traditional heated plates, it uses two arms that project focused airflow through 1.5mm gaps at a precise 45-degree angle. This dual airflow system is then merged into a single concentrated jet that simultaneously dries and styles the hair seamlessly from root to tip. The arms are coated in a smooth ceramic material for easy gliding through strands without snagging or pulling. Each arm has gold-coloured diffusers that help direct the powerful airflow downward onto the hair instead of blowing it back into your face like other dryers. This is a nice touch for preventing messes as I style my hair.

Dyson Airstrait Air Jets Dual Jets

The Dyson Airstrait™ is designed with user comfort in mind. It features a streamlined design that aims to reduce strain during use. Its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle while styling your hair. The Dyson Airstrait™ exudes a sense of sophistication. Its sleek design, combined with cutting-edge technology, sets it apart from traditional straighteners. The absence of hot plates and the focus on healthier hair styling contribute to its premium appeal.

Dyson Airstrait Jets

To power the dual jets of air, the Airstrait contains Dyson's V9 digital motor that spins at over 110,000rpm - which is up to six times faster than other hair dryer motors. The motor allows the device to generate air flow speeds of up to 115km/hour, drying and straightening sections of hair incredibly quickly. In testing, it took just 10 minutes to dry and style my long hair completely - cutting my usual routine in half.

Dyson Airstrait Wet and Dry hair

The Airstrait offers two main styling modes - Wet and Dry - each with three precise temperature settings that can be selected via the digital display. Wet mode ranges from 80-140°C for freshly washed hair. Dry mode ranges from 120-140°C for touch-ups. There's also a cold shot setting that sets the style. I found the lowest Wet mode setting of 80°C to work best for my hair type without any heat damage. Sections were dried and straightened in just two to three passes. Higher settings risked over-drying so I stuck to the lowest. The cool shot at the end sealed the look perfectly. For me, I have long hair that tends to frizz easily. I started by using the lowest Wet mode setting of 80°C, as I wanted to avoid any potential heat damage. The 80°C setting left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny with no frizz. When I tried the higher 100°C and 120°C settings, I found my hair dried faster but started to look puffy and felt rougher. Based on this, I determined 80°C was best for my hair type to get it straight while maintaining health and moisture. Users with finer or shorter hair may find they can get away with higher temperatures for faster drying times. It's always best to start low

and experiment to find your optimal setting.

With that said, it's perfectly safe to experiment with the different temperature settings on the Dyson Airstrait. A key benefit is the dryer’s ability to straighten hair while reducing heat damage. With no hot plates involved, it lessens the impact of heat by up to 60% versus regular straighteners that can reach over 200°C. Intelligent heat control regulates airflow temperature 30 times per second to never exceed the set level, protecting hair integrity.

After using the Airstrait, I noticed significantly less frizz and flyaways than usual straightening methods. My hair looked incredibly shiny and felt incredibly soft, with more volume and movement retained compared to a flat iron. There was

no unpleasant burnt hair smell or sizzling either.

Dyson Airstrait

Pricing and availability

Dyson Airstrait Straightener


At S$799, the Dyson Airstrait is an investment. However, for the speed, hair protection it provides and time it saves on my routine, I feel the cost is worthwhile in the long run. No more multiple drying and styling steps - wet hair goes from washed to styled in under 15 minutes. It'll save me hours spent drying then straightening my hair. For anyone wanting salon-worthy hair without the damage or arm ache, the Dyson Airstrait is a game-changing tool. It is available in two colours, Bright Nickel and Rich Copper. This innovative device looks set to disrupt the market by providing a quick and easy straightening solution that also protects hair strength and shines like nothing before. It'll certainly be a staple in my styling routine going forward.

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