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Shopify Unveils "Sidekick" AI Assistant to Enhance Merchant Experience

Updated: Jan 8

Shopify announces the upcoming launch of an artificial intelligence assistant named "Sidekick" that will provide valuable support to merchants on its platform, offering insights into sales trends and facilitating store management.

Credits: Reuters

Canadian e-commerce firm Shopify revealed plans on Wednesday to introduce an AI-powered assistant called "Sidekick." In a Twitter video, CEO Tobi Lutke demonstrated how the new feature will be embedded as a button on the Shopify platform, enabling merchants to seek assistance and receive prompt responses to their queries.

Prominent tech companies like Alibaba Group Holding, Zoom Video Communications and Databricks have recently embraced the trend of AI assistants, driven by the exponential rise in the adoption of OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT. Shopify's Sidekick will not only address merchant inquiries but also assist entrepreneurs in updating their Shopify stores. One notable capability is the ability to apply discounts to all items on the website upon request.

The video teaser showcased the exciting upcoming release of Sidekick, although an exact launch date was not specified. Merchants eagerly anticipate the arrival of this valuable tool, as it promises to streamline their operations and enhance their overall user experience on the Shopify platform.

  • Shopify is set to introduce an AI assistant named "Sidekick" for its merchants.

  • "Sidekick" will provide insights into sales trends and assist with store management.

  • Alibaba Group Holding, Zoom Video Communications and Databricks have also launched AI assistants.

Source: Reuters

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