Regulatory Paperwork Reveals Apple Has Three New Macs in the Works

Apple looks to be prepping this year’s product lineup as it files regulatory paperwork for three yet-to-be-revealed Macs, seemingly hinting that new hardware is on the way.

Credit: Apple

The filings were first spotted by French news site Consomac in the Eurasian Economic Database, where three Mac model numbers were listed: A2615, A2686 and A2681. No other details were provided, except that all three will reportedly ship with macOS Monterey out of the box.

As to when these new models will come out, it’s not quite clear. But if previous releases are any indication, Apple typically files the required regulatory paperwork for new products close to their launch. The timing also appears to line up with the speculation that Apple could unveil at least one new Mac with the company’s own silicon at its forthcoming Spring event scheduled for 8 March 2022, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested.

Since we’re already in speculation territory, the three models could very well be refreshed versions of the iMac, the MacBook Air and the Mac mini. However, between the three, the Mac mini is the one most likely to launch first, with both the iMac and MacBook Air reportedly needing more time in the oven.

Credit: Apple

Apple usually saves the MacBook Air releases closer to the end of the year, which rules it out of this conversation. The iMac, meanwhile, won’t be ready until this summer, according to analyst Ross Young. So unless Apple has another Mac in the pipeline that we have yet to hear about, the Mac mini is what we’ll likely see unveiled this March.

Gurman also noted that Apple plans to launch a new iPhone SE and iPad Air in the same event. But obviously, these are just speculations that are best taken with a grain of salt. We won’t find out for sure what Apple has in store until the event itself.

  • Apple has filed regulatory paperwork for three new Mac models in the Eurasian Economic Database, hinting that new hardware is on the way.

  • Going by speculations, the three models could be refreshed versions of the iMac, the MacBook Air and the Mac mini.

  • The Cupertino firm is set to host a launch event on 8 March, where it's expected to unveil at least one new Mac.