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Lionsgate Halts Advertising on X Platform

Updated: Jan 5

Lionsgate Entertainment has announced the suspension of advertising on Elon Musk-owned X, according to a company spokesperson.

Credit: Lionsgate

This decision comes after Musk endorsed an antisemitic post on the social media platform earlier this week. Apple is also reported to be pausing all advertising on X, as per Axios.

The move by Lionsgate and Apple reflects growing concerns over the content moderation practices of X and the potential impact on brand reputation. By suspending advertising, these companies are taking a stand against hate speech and ensuring that their ads do not appear alongside controversial or offensive content.

Lionsgate's decision to halt advertising on X aligns with its commitment to responsible advertising practices and maintaining a positive brand image. The company joins a growing list of advertisers who have taken similar actions in response to concerns about the platform's content policies.

Apple's decision to pause advertising on X underscores its dedication to upholding high ethical standards and ensuring that its brand is associated with platforms that promote inclusivity and respect. The tech giant's move sends a strong message that it will not tolerate any form of hate speech or discriminatory content.

The suspension of advertising by these prominent companies could have significant implications for X. Advertisers play a crucial role in the revenue generation of social media platforms and the loss of advertising from major brands like Lionsgate and Apple could impact X's financial performance.

X will likely face increased scrutiny and pressure to address the concerns raised by advertisers. The platform may need to reassess its content moderation policies and take more proactive measures to prevent the spread of hate speech and offensive content.

  • Lionsgate Entertainment has suspended advertising on X following Elon Musk's endorsement of an antisemitic post on the platform.

  • Apple is also pausing all advertising on X in response to concerns about the platform's content moderation practices.

  • The decisions by Lionsgate and Apple reflect a commitment to responsible advertising and maintaining a positive brand image.


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