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Katy Perry and Rihanna Absent from Met Gala, but AI-Generated Images Fool Fans

AI-generated images depicting Katy Perry and Rihanna fooled fans at the Met Gala. Discrepancies in the images revealed their artificial nature. Katy Perry's own mother was fooled by the AI-generated images

Katy Perry and Rihanna
Credit: Yahoo News

Despite Katy Perry and Rihanna not attending the event, AI-generated images depicting the stars fooled some fans into believing they had made appearances on fashion's biggest night.

The deepfake images, featuring several prominent figures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual fundraiser, quickly spread online on Monday and Tuesday. However, eagle-eyed social media users noticed discrepancies, and platforms like X's Community Notes pointed out that the images were likely created using AI. One giveaway was a viral picture of Katy Perry in a flower-covered gown, where the carpeting on the stairs matched that of the 2018 event, not this year's green-tinged fabric.

Surprisingly, even Perry's own mother was fooled by the AI-generated images. Hours after the singer's images circulated online, Perry reposted them on her Instagram, accompanied by a screenshot of a text from her mom complimenting her on what she believed was a real Met Gala appearance. Perry jokingly responded, "lol mom the AI got to you too, BEWARE!"

Representatives for Perry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on her absence from the event. However, Perry explained in an Instagram caption that she couldn't make it to the MET because she had to work. She also shared a muted video of her singing.

Similarly, a fake image of Rihanna in a stunning white gown adorned with flowers, birds, and branches also circulated online. Although Rihanna was originally confirmed as a guest for this year's Met Gala, Vogue representatives announced that she would not be attending before the event.

People magazine reported that Rihanna had the flu, but her representatives did not immediately confirm the reason for her absence. They also did not respond to requests for comment regarding the AI-generated image of the star.

While the source of these images remains unclear, the realistic-looking Met Gala backdrop suggests that the AI tool used to create them was likely trained on images from past events. Getty Images, the official photographer of the Met Gala, declined to comment on the matter.

This is not the first time generative AI has been used to create deceptive content. Deepfakes of prominent figures, including Pope Francis and Taylor Swift, have gained significant traction online. Experts warn that the misuse of this technology raises concerns about disinformation, scams, identity theft, propaganda, and even election manipulation.

Cayce Myers, a professor at Virginia Tech's School of Communication, highlighted the sophistication of AI technology, noting that even a mother can be fooled into thinking an AI-generated image is real. While creating fake images of celebrities in luxury gowns may seem harmless, there is a documented history of more serious and detrimental uses of this technology.

The circulation of sexually explicit and abusive fake images of Taylor Swift earlier this year prompted temporary search blocks by platforms like X. Nonconsensual deepfakes disproportionately harm women and children, with cases of AI-generated nudes circulating in schools.

In an election year for many countries, experts also raise concerns about the potential geopolitical consequences of deceptive AI-generated material. The implications extend beyond individual safety and touch on the safety of nations and societies.

As the commercialisation of AI continues to grow rapidly, there is a need for corporate accountability, universal industry standards, and effective government regulation. Tech companies currently play a significant role in governing AI and its risks, while governments work to catch up. Progress has been made, with the European Union reaching a deal on comprehensive AI rules, although the act won't take effect until two years after final approval.

  • AI-generated images depicting Katy Perry and Rihanna fooled fans at the Met Gala

  • Discrepancies in the images revealed their artificial nature

  • Katy Perry's own mother was fooled by the AI-generated images

Source: AP NEWS

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