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  • Lawrence Ng

Instagram’s New Sensitive Content Control Feature: What Types of Posts Can Users Block From Their Ex

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

On 20 July 2021, Instagram launched Sensitive Content Control, allowing users to decide what types of posts they can see and avoid on the app’s Explore tab. 

While the social media site has been enforcing recommendation guidelines that deter the Instagram algorithm from showing sensitive content such as those that are sexual or violent, those rules do not necessarily ensure that the needs of all users are met. 

This is because people may have specific triggers that the platform is not aware of. Consequently, the algorithm could still push posts that may disturb some users as it has only been trained to limit the promotion of sexual or violent content.

But with the new feature, users can personalise their experience by opting to block posts that can come across as harmful to them. They can also choose what content they would like to view on the Explore page.

Instagram Sensitive Content Control

Credit: Instagram

As Instagram realised that its users come from different points of view that make them uneasy with certain types of videos or photos on the platform, the company rolled out Sensitive Content Control to let people adjust the way they interact with the app for their own comfort.   

“Something has become increasingly clear over the years – people have very different views about the experience we offer, and if it’s the right one for them. We believe people should be able to shape Instagram into the experience that they want,” wrote Instagram in a blog post

Users can access their Sensitive Content Control by visiting their profile, tapping the Settings menu at the upper right corner of their screen, clicking the “Account” button, and then the “Sensitive Content Control” function. On this page, they can allow or limit certain posts that will be displayed on the Explore tab. However, Instagram will not let users under 18 take advantage of the “Allow” option. 


Written by Sophia Lopez

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