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  • Kyle Chua

IKEA Unveils First Smart Air Purifier Which Can Double As A Table

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

IKEA is venturing beyond its usual budget-friendly, build-it-yourself home furniture and appliances, with the launch of its first-ever smart air purifier that comes in the form of a table.

Credit: IKEA

The smart air purifier isn't exactly a novel idea. You can easily buy one from brands like Mila, Philips and Dyson, all of which have been selling smart air purifiers for years now. But what makes IKEA's take of the product particularly unique is that it can double as furniture.

According to Engadget, the popular Swedish firm is releasing two models of its Starkvind air purifiers: one is a floor-standalone device while the other is also a side table. The former costs US$129 while the latter costs US$189. It's worth noting, however, that the smart hub to access the app-based controls of the device is not included in your purchase and costs an extra US$35.

Both models are said to be built for indoor use and effective for a space of up to 215 square feet. They house the same components inside, including a three-filter system which the company claims is designed to trap particles in the air like hair, dust, pollen and pollutants. The two models also feature five fan speeds and an auto-mode, which automatically adjusts depending on how much harmful particles are in the air.

Credit: IKEA

When it comes to the smart features of Starkvind, you can either use it on its own or with the TRÅDFRI gateway that is connected to the IKEA Home smart app. Using the connected app, you can see the quality of the indoor air, which helps in monitoring the cleanliness of the air you are breathing. You can also schedule when you want the purifier to run.

"For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets. It’s about making life and home better through combining our solid home furnishing knowledge with digital solutions and technology," said IKEA Product Owner Henrik Telander. "Clean indoor air is an important factor for health. We know that there is no single solution to solve indoor air pollution."

Credit: IKEA

"We work long term for positive change, to enable people to purify the air in their home,” he added.

The Starkvind air purifiers will be available at IKEA stores starting October this year. The standalone model comes in black and white, while the side table model is available in dark and light finishes. There's no word yet on when exactly the product will be available in Singapore and how much it will cost.


Written by Kyle Chua

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