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Google to Remove Links to Canadian News, Following Facebook's Lead in Opposing New Canadian Law

Updated: Jan 5

Google joins Facebook in opposing new law requiring payments to Canadian news publishers, announcing plans to remove links to Canadian news on its platform.

Credits: REUTERS

Google revealed its intention to block Canadian news content in Canada as it seeks to confront a recently passed law that mandates payments to local news publishers.

The move follows a similar announcement by Meta the parent company of Facebook, after the passage of the Online News Act, also known as Bill C-18. Canada's media industry has advocated for increased regulation of internet giants like Facebook and Google to help news businesses recover from financial losses suffered as these tech giants gained dominance in the online advertising market.

According to Canada's independent budgetary watchdog, news businesses stand to receive approximately C$330 million ($249 million) annually through deals enforced by the legislation. While the law will take effect in about six months, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, the bill's introducer, has clarified that immediate obligations for the platforms are absent, expressing the government's willingness to engage in consultations with them regarding regulatory and implementation processes.

Both Facebook and Google have deemed the proposed regulations unsustainable for their businesses and have previously hinted at the possibility of ending news availability in Canada unless the act was amended. However, the Canadian federal government has resisted calls for changes, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accusing the tech companies of employing "bullying tactics" in June.

In response to the developments, Rodriguez criticised the tech giants, stating, "Big tech would rather spend money to change their platforms to block Canadians from accessing good quality and local news instead of paying their fair share to news organizations." He further highlighted the irresponsible nature of their actions, particularly considering the billions of dollars these companies generate from Canadian users.

In a blog post, Kent Walker, Google's president of global affairs, emphasised the company's stance, claiming that the law remains unworkable and asserting doubts regarding the regulatory process's ability to address fundamental issues with the legislation. As a result, Google has informed the government that, upon the law's implementation, it will have no choice but to remove links to Canadian news from its Search, News, and Discover products in Canada.

  • Google plans to block Canadian news on its platform in Canada, following Facebook's decision.

  • The move is in response to a new law requiring payments to local news publishers.

  • Canada's media industry seeks increased regulation of tech giants to recover from financial losses.

  • News businesses could receive about C$330 million ($249 million) per year through mandated deals.

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