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Dell Expands AI Presence with New PCs and Nvidia-Powered Servers

Dell Technologies has announced a line of AI-enabled PCs powered by Qualcomm processors. The company also introduced a new server that is compatible with Nvidia's newest CPUs. Dell's AI-capable PCs use Qualcomm Snapdragon X series processors with specialised NPUs.

The revelation was made at a Las Vegas convention, as Dell seeks to preserve its lead in the lucrative AI server business while also preparing for a resurgence in the PC industry after a drop in orders during the epidemic.

Dell's AI-capable PCs will be powered by Qualcomm processors, specifically the Snapdragon X series chips, which include specialised neural processing units (NPUs) for tackling complicated AI tasks. Two of the five new PCs are available for pre-order beginning today, with the remaining models to be delivered in the coming months.

Coincidentally, Microsoft made an announcement on the same day at its annual Build conference. The tech giant unveiled the "Copilot+" PCs, which were developed in collaboration with Dell, Qualcomm, Intel, and Advanced Micro Devices.

In addition to AI-enabled PCs, Dell introduced its newest server, which is compatible with Nvidia's Blackwell CPUs. This new server uses liquid cooling technology, which is more power-efficient than standard air cooling methods. Arthur Lewis, president of Dell's infrastructure solutions department, stated that Nvidia-based servers had been the company's fastest-growing product in history.

According to research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI server industry will be worth more than $33 billion by 2024. Dell predicts that a large percentage of this spending will come from smaller businesses in the early phases of implementing AI technologies. As a result, Dell does not expect AI investments to materially impact spending on traditional servers.

The introduction of AI-enabled PCs and Nvidia-powered servers is likely to increase demand for Dell's goods. The company is due to publish quarterly earnings on May 30, and analysts believe AI will have a beneficial impact on Dell's performance.

In the stock market, Qualcomm's shares jumped nearly 2% to a record high, while Dell's shares fell 2.6%.

  • Dell Technologies has unveiled a range of AI-enabled PCs powered by Qualcomm processors.

  • The company also launched a new server compatible with Nvidia's latest chips.

  • Dell's AI-capable PCs feature Qualcomm Snapdragon X series chips with dedicated NPUs.


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