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  • Kyle Chua

CES 2024: Samsung, LG Set To Unveil AI-Powered Appliances for Smart Homes

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could see a major duel between Samsung and LG in the home appliances space.

Credits: LG

The two South Korean tech giants are reportedly gearing up to unveil AI-powered home appliances at the annual conference, which will be held in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January. The appliances are expected to help shape future lifestyles, where new technologies afford consumers convenience.

Samsung is set to debut the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo and Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaners at the event.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is capable of both dry and wet cleaning, features improved object recognition capabilities and possesses more precise auto-driving capabilities thanks to advancements in AI technology.

Bespoke Jet Bot Combo. Credits: Samsung

"Using the AI floor detection function, it distinguishes between hardwood floors and carpets and cleans according to the floor material," touted Samsung. "The AI-powered object recognition function has also evolved to recognise and avoid not only small obstacles about one centimetre high but also a wider range of objects such as smartphone cables and pet waste pads."

Meanwhile, the Bespoke Jet AI is a stick-type vacuum with an enhanced AI mode that allows it to categorise and optimise suction power based on brush load and pressure.

Samsung is also integrating AI to its other products. Its Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus, for example, has an AI Vision Inside function, which detects the ingredients inside of the fridge and recommends recipes that can be made from them.

"Samsung Food app recommends recipes based on the ingredients stored in the refrigerator using the AI Vision Inside feature. Consumers will be able to check the recipe found in Samsung Food on a large screen while cooking, and if they send this recipe to the oven or induction, it automatically sets the optimal time and power for the menu," the company said.

LG similarly wants consumers to adopt AI-powered appliances into their homes, introducing its smart home AI agent at this year's CES.

LG smart home AI agent. Credits: LG

The smart agent boasts robotic, AI and multi-modal technologies, enabling it to move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations. Apart from these interactions, the AI companion can also function as an all-around manager as it allows consumers to control other smart home devices and IoT household devices. It's equipped with a Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform, along with a built-in camera, speaker and various sensors, which help power on-device AI features like face and user recognition.

"Our groundbreaking smart home AI agent combines cutting-edge autonomous mobility and AI technologies with advanced communication capabilities and services to help free customers from household chores," said Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. "A smart life solution company, LG will continue to help customers experience a smarter, more enjoyable life at home."

  • Samsung and LG could go head-to-head in the home appliances space at CES 2024.

  • The two South Korean tech giants are reportedly gearing up to unveil AI-powered home appliances at the annual conference.

  • Samsung has new smart vacuums, while LG has a new smart AI agent.

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