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  • Kyle Chua

CES 2024: LG Unveils Transparent TV, a11 Processor, Affectionate Intelligence

Updated: Jan 11

LG brought its A game to this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), unveiling a bunch of cutting-edge tech that's already turning heads.

Credit: LG

The South Korean giant hosted its World Premiere press conference at the annual tech gathering in Las Vegas on 9 January. The conference opened with CEO William Cho reaffirming the multinational company's vision to transform itself from an electronics maker to a smart life solution company. Cho said the company is now aiming to provide solutions in mobility and virtual domains, among other key areas.

He also shared the company's roadmap for the coming year, highlighting some of the new products that are in the works.

Here's a roundup of the top announcements from the conference:

LG Signature OLED T 4K

Arguably the most exciting announcement from LG's conference is the Signature OLED T 4K, a fully transparent operational TV. The new set uses a separate contrast filter to make itself see through, blending in within your living room's aesthetics. LG even developed a unique interface specifically for the TV, where your apps could look like they're floating in the air. Like LG's OLED M series TVs, it also features a Zero Connect Box, which can wirelessly send information between the ports and the TV from up to 30 feet away.

Of course, being a TV, you can watch content like shows and movies on the Signature OLED T 4K. You might just have to adjust the contrast, which you can do with a quick press of a button. When not in use, you can have the TV display photos or videos.

480Hz Gaming Display

Credit: LG Display

Sticking to OLED displays, LG Display, the OLED manufacturing arm of the company, has a new 27-inch OLED gaming monitor with a response time that maxes at 0.03ms and refresh rate of 480Hz. This isn't the first time LG has come out with a 480Hz gaming monitor, having announced the 32-inch "Dual Hz" 4K gaming monitor in December. That monitor, however, can only achieve 480Hz refresh rates at 1080p resolution, while this latest monitor can push it to 1440p.

The monitor also features LG Display's new “META technology”, which increases brightness and improves viewing angles while minimizing blue light emission.

a11 Processor

Credit: LG

The whole tech industry has been hot on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. LG looks to put AI tech front and centre for its new TVs, powered by its new a11 AI super chip. At its core, the new processor is designed to deliver the best picture possible by reducing noise and improving upscaling and colour reproduction, among other functions. It can can also detect what kind of content you're playing and change the picture settings that's most appropriate for it, as well as detect which objects on-screen are in the foreground and background to create more depth.

LG says its G4 OLED and LG M4 OLED TV sets, which are expected to hit the market later in the year, will be outfitted with the new top-of-the-line processor.

Affectionate Intelligence

Credit: LG

During the conference, LG also said it wants AI to be more caring and friendlier to your needs and activities. That's why the company is redefining AI to Affectionate Intelligence. CEO Cho said that the vast number of smart devices that LG has across different categories has allowed it to learn your "physical" and "emotional" life patterns, which has then enabled it to deliver the most optimal solutions for you.

The company also assures you that any data it plans to use will be obtained with your consent and will be kept safe. It adds that high-end chips are designed to keep AI processing on the device itself so that the data never leaves your home.

In line with this, LG unveiled the smart home AI agent, which is a robotic device that can move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations. The AI companion can also function as an all-around manager as it allows consumers to control other smart home devices and IoT household devices.

"Living Space on Wheels" Concept

Credit: LG

Finally, LG wants your car to also feel like home. The company unveiled a "digital cockpit system display" concept that combines the use of AR, AI and 5G technologies to make certain functions more convenient for your time on the road. This includes integrating LG's Automotive Content Platform on the screens and infotainment systems of cars and leveraging AI to recognise drivers, for instance, or detect when kids have fallen asleep during the ride.

  • LG hosted its World Premiere press conference at CES 2024 in Las Vegas on 9 January.

  • The conference opened with CEO William Cho reaffirming the multinational company's vision to transform itself from an electronics maker to a smart life solution company.

  • Among the top announcements are LG Signature OLED T 4K, a fully transparent operational TV, and the a11 AI super chip for TVs, which is designed to deliver the best picture possible.

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