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  • Cheryl Tan

CES 2022: LG Showcases Curved OLED Chair Concept, Announces First MicroLED TVs & More

So let's talk about LG's new concept first. We've seen plenty of recliners adapted to fit monitors and such before, but LG's Media Chair concept is probably one of the most elegant takes on it yet.

Credit: LG

While this is a concept that LG most likely is not bringing to market, it's still a cool look at what's possible. LG has designed a curved recliner seat with a curved 55-inch OLED panel right in front of it for the ultimate lounging experience. The screen has a 1500R curved radius and it comes with Cinematic Sound OLED, which allows the display to vibrate for audio instead of having to plug in speakers.

The screen can even rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations, for different viewing experiences based on what content the viewer is watching.

Aside from that though, LG sneakily showed a sneak peek of their first-ever MicroLED TVs with a gigantic 136-inch option.

There wasn't much divulged during the press conference, but there was a shot where it was showing off the 136-inch 4K HDR MicroLED screen, which we can definitely expect to cost a bomb, seeing as Samsung's 110-inch MicroLED offering already costs over US$150,000. The technology definitely isn't going to be in regular consumers' homes any time soon, but when it finally is ready for mass consumption, it's set to be a game-changer.

Credit: LG

That being said, if you're looking for something that's a bit more reasonable, LG has also shown off their new OLED models for 2022. The new G2 series models come with OLED Evo, which LG calls the "next level in OLED's evolution", with increased brightness and it will come in as big as 97-inches for those who really have the space at home.

Credit: LG

There's also the new C2 model, which will now be getting an upgrade to use OLED Evo panels as well as a new 42-inch model that will definitely be a great big-screen option for people who want a TV to use as their monitor or a gaming display.

LG's focus at CES this year, though, is on "a better life", and they're accomplishing that through a combination of new software features. Of course, LG ThinQ AI is playing a huge part in this.

Since we're on the topic of TVs, there's a new Room To Room Share feature which will allow you to beam content from one TV to another, as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. There's also an Always Ready mode that puts the TV on standby and waiting for voice commands. In addition, there are features like LG Fitness where you can follow along with exercise and fitness videos, 1M HomeDance for dance classes, and even Independa for tele-healthcare services.

Credit: LG

There's also a new LG One:Quick Flex that's an all-in-one display for video calls and teleconferencing. It comes equipped with a webcam, microphones and speakers so there's no need to plug in external devices. The 43-inch screen is also big enough for group calls and the likes, and touch-control capabilities with a rotatable screen mean it can effectively become a whiteboard if needed.

Credit: LG

It's not all televisions though, LG also announced their new PuriCare AeroTower that will definitely be useful for people who are living in countries with all four seasons. It's an air purifier that's not only able to clean the air, but select models can even radiate heat for those cold winter days.

LG's washer and dryer options are already incredibly convenient, with the ability to auto-detect clothing loads and recommend wash and dry cycles, and LG is taking it one step further with upgrades downloadable through the ThinQ app, as well as offering options like customisable alarm sounds when the cycle is done.

If you missed it, LG also announced their in-door gardening solution, the LG Tiiun that we covered here. For more CES 2022 coverage, check out our CES 2022 special coverage page.

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