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BYD's 2023 Vehicle Sales Skyrocket by 62%

BYD, the Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) giant, has reported a staggering 61.9% increase in vehicle sales for the year 2023.

This impressive growth solidifies BYD's position as the world's largest seller of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids.

According to BYD, they sold approximately 3.02 million vehicles in 2023, a significant jump from the previous year. The company sold around 1.6 million battery EVs and 1.4 million plug-in hybrid EVs, showcasing the strong demand for their eco-friendly vehicles.

In December alone, BYD sold 340,178 battery and hybrid EVs, including 190,754 all-electric vehicles. These numbers highlight the increasing popularity of electric vehicles as consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact.

BYD's success in the EV market is not limited to China. Last year, the company announced plans to build a plant in Hungary, further expanding its global presence and production capacity.

  • BYD, the Chinese EV giant, reported a 62% increase in vehicle sales for 2023.

  • The company sold approximately 3.02 million vehicles, including 1.6 million battery EVs and 1.4 million plug-in hybrid EVs.

  • In December, BYD sold 340,178 battery and hybrid EVs, with 190,754 being all-electric vehicles.


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