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Belgium to Review Apple's iPhone 12 Amidst Radiation Concerns

Belgium has announced that it will be reviewing the potential health risks associated with Apple's iPhone 12, following France's decision to halt sales due to concerns over radiation exposure limits.

iPhone 12
Credits: REUTERS

This makes Belgium the latest European country to react to the issue.

Apple has responded by stating that the iPhone 12, which was launched in 2020, has been certified by multiple international bodies as compliant with radiation standards. The company is contesting France's findings and working to address the detected radiation issues.

The move by France to suspend iPhone 12 sales has raised the possibility of further bans across Europe. However, researchers have conducted numerous studies over the past two decades and the World Health Organisation has stated that no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use.

Belgium's state secretary for digitalisation, Mathieu Michel, emphasised the importance of ensuring the safety of citizens. He stated, "It is my duty to make sure all citizens... are safe." Michel has reached out to the regulator, IBPT-BIPT, to request an analysis of the potential dangers of the iPhone 12. He has also asked the regulator to review all Apple smartphones and devices made by other producers at a later stage.

Germany's network regulator, BNetzA, has expressed its support for France's actions and stated that it will examine the issue for the German market if France's process progresses sufficiently. The Dutch digital watchdog has also confirmed that it is investigating the matter and will seek an explanation from Apple. However, it has emphasised that there is currently no acute safety risk.

The Italian industry ministry is monitoring the situation but has not taken any immediate action. Apple does not disclose its sales figures by country or model, but estimates suggest that it sold over 50 million iPhones in Europe last year.

In summary, Belgium is joining France in reviewing the potential health risks associated with Apple's iPhone 12. While concerns over radiation exposure limits have prompted these actions, no adverse health effects from mobile phone use have been established. Other European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, are also monitoring the situation.

  • Belgium is reviewing the potential health risks of Apple's iPhone 12 following France's decision to halt sales.

  • Apple maintains that the iPhone 12 is compliant with radiation standards and is contesting France's findings.

  • Researchers have found no adverse health effects from mobile phone use, according to the World Health Organisation.


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