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Apple Testing 3D Printers for Smartwatch Frames, Reports Say

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is reportedly testing 3D printers to manufacture the steel frames of its upcoming smartwatches.

Credits: REUTERS

This production technique would eliminate the need to cut metal parts into the desired shape, resulting in faster production times and potential environmental benefits.

If successful, this approach has the potential to streamline Apple's supply chain. The company may consider implementing this technology in more products over the next few years. Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment from Reuters.

The report also mentions that Apple plans to apply this process to its titanium Ultra watch, but this shift is not expected until 2024.

Analysts anticipate that Apple will unveil a new line of smartwatches and iPhones at its fall event on September 12.

  • Apple is testing 3D printers to manufacture smartwatch frames, according to sources.

  • This technique would eliminate the need for cutting metal parts, reducing production time and potentially benefiting the environment.

  • If successful, Apple may expand the use of 3D printing technology in its products.


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