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Did Apple Just Do That? Charging Upgrade for iOS Devices Gets Leaked

With the excitement around the next iteration of the Apple iOS 16 coming up in June, a recent support document posted by Apple reveals that another change is in the works. Apple smartphone, smartwatch and tablet users may be able to charge their devices much more conveniently than before, thanks to what may be an upcoming dual USB-C 35W charger. The change is expected to move Apple closer to Android device makers in making quick charges a norm for their users.

Charging smartphones
Credit: Steve Johnson/Unsplash reported on 8 April 2022 that the impending change is mentioned deep in a support document Apple posted, and then quickly removed. The document specifically mentions something called “the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter” and how to charge devices using it. If such a device is in the works, the site reported, this will be a milestone for Apple, which has never released a dual USB-C charger of any kind. It potentially lets users charge various combinations of the company’s devices with enough wattage to accommodate their power demands.

The report came with a couple of caveats, though. The fact that Apple took down the document shortly after posting it may mean that the device may have been in the works but eventually scrapped. And of course, we do not know when the new charger will be released, if ever. The report noted that this may also confirm some rumours that Apple was entering the market for GaN (gallium nitride) chargers with USB-C ports. GaN chargers for iOS devices and Macs are faster than the USB-C wall chargers Apple currently sells, and they are currently available from third-party suppliers.

The apparent leak comes as Apple watchers are looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro later this year. Also, Apple’s announcement of the WWDC 2022 dates (10-16 June) means that we will hear more in June about their upcoming iOS 16 update. So far, the only credible rumours at this time are that models older than the iPhone 7 will not be able to upgrade to it and that the new iPhone 14 models will have it installed.

ipad and iphone with lock screens
Credit: Milena Trifonova/Unsplash

However, a new wall charger that promises to deliver faster charging for multiple devices may well be a huge game-changer for Apple. More users of electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets, rely on apps and other features that consume power like one quickly drains a glass of water when in 40°C weather. Device makers and other third-party vendors have been working on ways people can charge their devices and not lose a lot of time in the process. For example, there has been a strong market for fast charging devices and associated chargers in recent years, as evidenced in this review from the New York Times. According to this device manufacturer, the industry charging power standard is 5W and fast charging devices and chargers supposedly aim to exceed that.

If industry-leader Apple is finally embracing the fast charging future, however, would anything above 5W be the new normal soon? We will see, and until then, our high-capacity battery packs and GaN wall chargers will be there just in case.

  • A leaked support document, which Apple quickly pulled after posting for some time, reveals that the company may be preparing to launch a new dual USB-C 35W wall charger sometime in the future.

  • The new wall charger, if it is indeed happening, will mark Apple’s first major entry in the “fast charging” charger field, possibly gaining ground from third-party vendors making such devices for its iOS products.

  • The news comes as Apple has announced dates for the upcoming WWDC 2022 conference (6-10 June), where more details of the iOS 16 upgrade will be disclosed.

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