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AMD to Acquire AI Software Startup in Bid to Catch Nvidia

Updated: Jan 8

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced its plans to acquire, an artificial intelligence startup, as part of its strategy to strengthen its software capabilities and compete with rival chipmaker Nvidia.

Credits: REUTERS

AMD aims to invest heavily in software development to enhance its advanced AI chips and close the gap with Nvidia, which has gained a significant advantage in the AI chip market through its software and developer ecosystem.

"We are executing to that strategy," said AMD President Victor Peng in an interview with Reuters. "And doing it through internal investment as well as external acquisitions."

The acquisition of aligns with AMD's goal of creating a unified collection of software to power its various chips.'s technology enables companies to easily deploy AI models that are optimised for AMD's chips, making it a valuable addition to AMD's portfolio. primarily serves large data center operators and has raised approximately $36.5 million in funding.

Earlier this year, AMD established an AI group that will incorporate the acquisition. The group currently employs around 1,500 engineers, with a focus on software development. AMD plans to expand the team further by hiring an additional 300 engineers in 2023, with more hires expected in 2024.

"We have been growing rapidly, with plans for next year as well," said Vamsi Boppana, Senior Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD.

The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. This marks AMD's second acquisition in recent months, indicating the company's commitment to bolstering its software capabilities through strategic acquisitions.

In its pursuit of catching up with Nvidia, AMD recognises the importance of investing in software development to complement its hardware offerings. By acquiring, AMD aims to enhance its software ecosystem and provide customers with optimised AI solutions for its chips.

  • AMD plans to acquire AI software startup to strengthen its software capabilities.

  • The acquisition aligns with AMD's strategy to catch up with rival Nvidia in the AI chip market.

  •'s technology enables the deployment of AI models optimised for AMD's chips.


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