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AirAsia Ride Now Offers LadiesONLY Ride-Hailing Option

Continuing its push to be as varied as possible in terms of business ventures, the ride-hailing arm of Capital A, AirAsia Ride, just launched a new Community Drivers feature that directly addresses different passenger needs. This new function includes the newly launched LadiesONLY Driver community.

Credit: AirAsia Ride

Female passengers who prefer to ride with drivers of the same gender need to only fire up the AirAsia Super App, head to the LadiesONLY Community and select the option to hail a ride-sharing service. Since providing a safe space for users are priorities for public transportation, such as “Ladies Only” cars for trains and sections in buses, it makes sense for a ride-hailing platform like AirAsia Ride to introduce such an option.

"We understand that passengers of AirAsia ride have different needs, and we are confident that the Community Drivers feature, starting with LadiesONLY rides will appeal to our existing airasia ride users and attract new ones. We (look) forward to welcoming our millionth passenger soon as we add more Community Drivers categories on our ride-hailing platform,” shared Amanda Woo, Chief Executive Officer of the AirAsia Super App.

Seventh from left: Woo; Colin Currie, President Commercial and Digital, Capital A; and Lim. Credit: AirAsia Ride

For Woo, introducing the Community Drivers service provides a better and more comfortable ride experience for all. AirAsia Ride is also encouraging more women drivers to sign up with its platform through a sponsorship programme that will support first-timers and those who have no prior experience or an e-hailing license.

This initiative, worth up to RM400 per driver, will cover fee exemptions for medical check-ups and the Public Service Vehicle learning course and exam. As for active drivers and those who already meet the pre-requisites, they will receive a free dashboard camera.

Even as female passengers are assured of their safety, AirAsia Ride promised that there will also be fresh twists to passengers' everyday commutes.

Upcoming options that will roll out into the Community Drivers service include:

  • PriorityRide: Passengers will enjoy shorter waiting times and have their orders fulfilled by top-rated drivers

  • Joy in the ride: Enjoy a fun and surprise-filled ride

  • DriveForMe: Book a personal driver for your vehicle if you are not able to drive it yourself

  • QuietDriver: A quiet and peaceful ride throughout your journey

“Whether you need to rush somewhere, looking to spice up a long ride back to the office, need someone to drive your car for you or just want to enjoy a quiet ride home after a long day, AirAsia Ride has you covered. Be on the lookout for the many new exciting features the next time you open the AirAsia Super App to book an AirAsia ride!” added Lim Chiew Shan, Regional Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Ride.

Of course, the ride fares will be set at a slightly higher rate. This is an estimated RM5 to RM10 more than the normal ride-hailing service. Even so, Lim confirmed that passengers can be assured that they will be experiencing a more premium and safer ride-hailing service.

  • AirAsia Ride, in following the "Ladies Only" trend for public transportation, introduced a LadiesONLY ride-hailing community on its platform.

  • Part of the Community Driver service, this community will be for female passengers, with women drivers assigned to them.

  • There will be other Community Driver options in the coming months.

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