Aftershock’s Custom Bubble Tea PC Is Supercharged With Sweetness

Love PCs and bubble tea? Why not combine the two things together? This is exactly what Aftershock did with its latest creation – the world's first bubble tea-themed custom PC.

Credit: Aftershock

The Singapore-based PC maker said they recently created the rig upon the request of a customer. Not one to shy from a crazy opportunity, Aftershock had to get creative to achieve the look they wanted.

The team designed a custom water-cooling system, filled with a thick purple liquid that's meant to resemble the creaminess of taro bubble tea. It even comes complete with boba pearls that swirl around the coolant when it pumps and cools the PC. The effect looks a lot like you're taking a sip from an actual milk tea drink. You can almost taste the distinctive mild sweetness of the taro flavour.

Credit: Aftershock

There's also a cute corgi motif running across the build, which Aftershock said is inspired by the customer's own furry friend. These little design details even glow in the dark, allowing you to get a good view of all the sweet-looking effects when the lights are all off.

Also, the front plate, cable shroud and power supply shroud are all customised to nail the "boba is life" aesthetic.

Credit: Aftershock

Under the hood, the custom PC features an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor, a GIGABYTE B550 Vision DP motherboard and a GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING OC WATERFORCE graphics card. Powering the system is an AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular unit with seven LIANLI UNI fans for cooling. All these components are housed inside Aftershock’s own Hypergate XL chassis. Spec-wise, this PC is no slouch.

If you want a custom PC like this one, you can visit Afteshock’s website for more information.


Written by Kyle Chua


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