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YouTube Internally Testing 'Playables' Product for Online Gaming

YouTube invites employees to test 'Playables' as it expands into gaming, targeting growth amid advertising slowdown.

Credits: REUTERS

YouTube is reportedly conducting internal tests for a new product aimed at online gaming, according to the Wall Street Journal. An email sent to employees at Google, YouTube's parent company, revealed the invitation to try out the new offering called 'Playables'. Test games, including the popular arcade game Stack Bounce, are currently available for exploration.

As per the report, these games can be accessed through YouTube's website on web browsers or on devices running Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile systems. YouTube, a renowned platform for streaming and watching live-streamed game content, intends to expand its reach by hosting online games.

A spokesperson from YouTube emphasized the company's long-standing interest in gaming while stating that they are currently experimenting with new features and have no announcements to make at present.

CEO Neal Mohan is reportedly driving YouTube's expansion into gaming as part of a broader strategy to explore new avenues of growth amidst a slowdown in advertising expenditure. The move aligns with the platform's objective to capture a larger market share and tap into the thriving gaming community.

  • YouTube is internally testing 'Playables', a new product for online gaming.

  • Invitations to test the product were sent to Google employees.

  • Games like Stack Bounce are available for testing.

  • The games can be played on YouTube's site and mobile devices.

  • YouTube aims to leverage its popularity in streaming to host online games.

  • The company is exploring gaming-related features but has no official announcements.

  • CEO Neal Mohan seeks growth opportunities beyond advertising spending.

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