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  • Kyle Chua

YouTube Resolves iOS Issue That Caused the App To Persistently Crash

Did you recently experience an issue with the iOS YouTube app that caused it to repeatedly crash? If you did, you're not alone as thousands of reports poured in from users who were similarly having difficulty accessing the video sharing service on Wednesday, 30 November.

Credit: Reuters

The good news is that YouTube says it has resolved the issue, and you can now use the app again as normal. "The YouTube app on iOS devices should now be working fine with no crashes," tweeted TeamYouTube, the official Twitter account of the service's support team. "Thanks for hanging in there."

YouTube acknowledged the issue in the early hours of the morning of 1 December (Singapore time), tweeting "Hi, we’re aware that many of you using the YouTube app on iOS devices may be experiencing crashes."

The issue affected iOS devices, with the app supposedly crashing persistently after only 20 to 30 seconds of viewing. Closing and reopening the app did not help, nor did restarting the device in use. YouTube itself, however, wasn't down as there were still a lot of users who were able to use the app just fine, and the browser version did not appear to be affected. It's unclear how widespread the issue was, but according to The Verge, DownDetector at one point recorded as many as 8,000 reports of crashes.

In August of this year, YouTube was among the Google services that were inaccessible due to a software update issue that caused an international outage. The other services included Google Search, Maps and Drive. Network intelligence reports said the outage affected no less than 1,338 servers globally across more than 40 countries. Trying to access the affected services during the outage only returned with HTTP 500 and HTTP 502 errors.

While YouTube's latest issue isn't an outage per se, the service was still inaccessible for thousands of users. Then again, at least users didn't have to wait that long for the issue to be resolved.

  • Many iOS users reported the YouTube app was suffering from persistent crashes on Wednesday, 30 November.

  • It's unclear how widespread the issue was, but DownDetector at one point recorded as many as 7,500 reports of crashes.

  • YouTube was quick to work on a fix, and, as of writing, the app is back to working as normal.

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