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YouTube Raises Premium Plan Prices in the US - Customers Express Concerns

YouTube Premium monthly plan now costs $13.99, a $2 increase, while the annual plan sees a $20 hike, reaching $139.99 in the US.

Credits: REUTERS

Uncertainty remains regarding the impact on other markets. YouTube Music also experiences a $1 rise to $10.99, mirroring industry trends.

YouTube, the popular video streaming platform owned by Google, has announced price adjustments for its premium plans in the United States. According to the company's website on Thursday, the YouTube Premium monthly subscription will now cost $13.99, marking a $2 increment from its previous pricing. Meanwhile, the annual plan will witness a $20 hike, raising its cost to $139.99.

Despite the updates in the US, it remains unclear whether the price changes will apply to other markets worldwide. When approached for comment, Google did not immediately respond to Reuters' request.

In April, YouTube unveiled additional features for its premium users, allowing them to host Google Meet sessions to enjoy videos together with other users on the platform. These added functionalities might have played a role in the price adjustments.

Moreover, YouTube Music, the platform's music streaming service, also experienced a price increase of $1, raising its monthly subscription cost to $10.99 in the US. This move aligns with recent similar price adjustments made by competitors like Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tidal.

  • YouTube raises monthly Premium plan fee by $2 to $13.99 and annual plan by $20 to $139.99 in the US.

  • Uncertainty regarding price changes in other markets.

  • Google yet to respond to requests for comments.


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