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YouTube Introduces Unique Channel Handles for Easier Identification

YouTube has just launched a new personalisation feature called handles, which — as you can guess from the name — lets each YouTube channel set up a unique handle. This lets others on the platform identify your channel more easily as well as simplify mentions.

youtube handle
Credit: YouTube

While channel names already exist, handles use an @handle format and "are truly unique to each channel so creators can further establish their distinct presence and brand on YouTube." The chosen handle will appear on both the channel and Shorts to ensure that it is “instantly and consistently recognizable.”

Branding aside, the handle also makes mentions in comments, community posts and video descriptions simpler and faster. As an example, YouTubers can be tagged in the comments or the title of a video when the content involves a collaboration. The move can be seen as the company's solution to impersonator accounts where random channels use the same channel name as bigger creators.

youtube handle
Credit: YouTube

As for when this new feature will be available, YouTube says that it will be rolling out gradually over the coming weeks to all channels. Creators should be notified when the feature is available to them although certain channels might get access to it earlier than others based on factors such as overall presence, subscriber count and whether the channel is active or inactive.

For those who already have a personalised URL, YouTube will use that as the default channel handle — according to Google, you can no longer set up new custom URLs or change an existing one. If you still haven't chosen a handle by 14 November, the platform will automatically assign one for you. However, in either case, you can change the handle at any time through YouTube Studio.

  • YouTube is introducing a new personalisation feature in the form of unique channel handles.

  • It makes tagging and identifying channels easier.

  • The feature will gradually roll out to all users over the next few weeks.

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