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Xiaomi 14 Sales Top 1M as it Competes with Huawei & Apple in China's Smartphone Market

Updated: Jan 8

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant, has announced that it has sold over 1 million units of its Xiaomi 14 handsets, marking a significant milestone in the highly competitive domestic market.

Credit: Xiaomi

The sales surge comes in the wake of recent releases from Apple and Huawei, intensifying the battle for market dominance.

Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, confirmed the achievement in a post on Weibo, stating, "It is true that Xiaomi 14 sales have surpassed 1 million units, but the shortage in stock remains severe. We are exerting the utmost strength to rush our orders; please be patient."

The Xiaomi 14, launched on October 26, is the latest flagship smartphone from the brand, which was previously known for its budget-friendly handsets. It stands out as the first smartphone in the market to feature Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, combined with Xiaomi's new Android-based operating system, HyperOS.

The popularity of the Xiaomi 14 further intensifies the competition in China's smartphone market, following Huawei's comeback in the high-end 5G segment with the Mate 60 series and the release of Apple's iPhone 15. Analysts predict that Huawei's return and declining iPhone demand in 2024 will bring about a structural change in the market.

According to Kuo Ming-chi, an analyst at TF International Securities, the decline in iPhone shipments in China is higher than expected, primarily due to a decrease in demand. Canalys reports that by the end of September, Apple had shipped an estimated 3 million iPhone 15 series phones, while shipments of the Mate 60 series reached 2 million in the third quarter.

Huawei's Mate 60 series, featuring a 5G Kirin 9000s processor manufactured in China, has garnered strong domestic interest and patriotic favour, revitalising the company after facing trade sanctions from the United States. Despite the overall decline in the Chinese smartphone market, Huawei managed to increase its third-quarter smartphone sales by 37% compared to the previous year, according to Counterpoint Research.

However, Huawei is also grappling with supply shortages as it strives to meet consumer demand. In response, the company has launched a new campaign, promising a wait time of no more than 90 days for customers ordering the Mate 60 Pro from the official website.

In summary, Xiaomi's sales of the Xiaomi 14 have exceeded 1 million units, showcasing its competitiveness in China's smartphone market. The intense competition with Huawei and Apple, along with the structural changes expected in the market, will shape the future of the industry.

  • Xiaomi has sold over 1 million units of the Xiaomi 14 handsets in China.

  • The Xiaomi 14 is the latest flagship smartphone featuring Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

  • Competition in China's smartphone market has intensified with Huawei's Mate 60 series and Apple's iPhone 15.

Source: SCMP

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