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  • Soon Kai Hong

Xbox Design Lab Comes To Singapore!

If you have always wanted to get an Xbox Wireless Controller that can be customized to your exact liking, look no further. Xbox Design Lab is now here in Singapore!

Of course, this isn't anything new per se. The Xbox Design Lab program has been running in the United States for quite a while now and it is essentially a program by Xbox themselves that will allow you to design and order your very own personalized Xbox Wireless Controller. And the amount of options available is no joke. You can customize nearly all the external parts of the controller from the main body to the buttons to match all your other gaming accessories or perhaps even your desk setup. In total, there will be 23 available colour options including new pastels like Soft Orange, Soft Green, camo-patterned top cases, metallic finished and rubberized grips and more.

Perhaps we just got your full attention? Well, if you want to get going right away, simply head over to and you can immediately start designing the Xbox Wireless Controller of your choice.

Right at the home page, you'll be given the option to either design your own right away from a blank slate or you can scroll down a little and make use of some of the available presets and get going from there, should you any some visual inspiration to achieve your ideal design.

No matter which you choose, you'll be lead to the design page and this is where you can view the Xbox Wireless Controller via a 3D render which will allow you to see the changes you make to the controller in real-time to give you an as accurate representation as much as possible.

As mentioned earlier, you will be able to customize quite the fair bit. In total, you can select your choice of colours from the total available library for the Body, Back, Grips, Bumpers, Triggers, D-Pad, Thumbsticks, ABXY and the View, Menu and Share button cluster. Lastly, you even have the choice to do an engraving should you so want to, up to a maximum of 16 characters. For an additional cost, of course.

Once you're done setting up the controller the way you like it to be, you can click on Preview Design to see a summary of the total cost as well as close-up shots of your very design.

Now all you have to do is to simply Add To Cart, make you payment and you're all set! Just wait a week or two and you'll receive the very controller you designed right at your doorstep. It's that simple. Needless to say, we had a go at it ourselves and if you hadn't already noticed right at the beginning, this is what we went with! In addition, you can take a look for yourself and see how much it stands out against the standard Robot White Xbox Wireless Controller.

The Pride colourway is definitely amongst the new addition of colours from Xbox Design Labs and it seemed apt to go with it given that it is currently Pride Month. In addition, we just think it makes for a good splash of colour and it really does make the Xbox Wireless Controller look really unique. To add on, we've also gone ahead and tested the new metallic colours for the trigger as well as the rubberized grips.

Now it goes without saying that the metallic grips aren't actually made out of any kind of metal. it is simply a metallic paint or coating over the standard plastic trigger that you'll find on the standard controller. However, we do have say that the implementation here is really solid and not only does it look great, but it feels great as well. The coating just has the right amount of texture to give you a really nice smooth feel, but yet remain grippy thanks to the dotted texture. So you don't have to worry about 'gaming performance' per se for this should feel right at home just like the standard controller.

The rubberized grips on the other hand is certainly an upgrade in our opinion and rightfully so. Compared to the standard textured plastic that you'll find normally, this provides a whole lot more grip. The slightly softer nature of the material also does help with increasing overall comfort. While the metallic option is purely up to preference, the rubberized grips are something we would highly recommend getting.

For those of you who want this exact controller, here are the options you'll need to pick.


Pride (+S$12.90)


Robot White


​Back + Side (+S$7.90 x 2)


Glacier Blue


Mineral Blue (Metallic) (+S$5.90)


Glacier Blue


Carbon Black


Black on White

View, Menu, Share

Black on White

Xbox Design Lab has expanded and is available now in 11 new countries which includes Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Head over to should you want to start designing your very own Xbox Wireless Controller!

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