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X US$1 Annual Subscription Trial to Combat Bots and Enhance User Engagement

X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, has announced that it will be conducting a test of a $1 annual subscription fee.

Credits: REUTERS

This new subscription model will allow users to post content, like, reply, repost, quote other accounts' posts, and bookmark posts.

The purpose of this subscription model, called "Not A Bot," is to combat bots and spammers on the platform. X aims to create a more authentic and engaging user experience by implementing this fee.

The test of the $1 subscription fee comes as X social media platform continues to evolve and explore new ways to enhance user engagement and combat issues such as misinformation and spam. By introducing a small fee, X hopes to deter automated accounts and improve the overall quality of interactions on the platform.

The subscription fee will grant users access to additional features and functionalities, including the ability to post content, engage with other users' posts through likes, replies, and reposts, as well as bookmarking posts for future reference. This move is part of X's ongoing efforts to create a safer and more valuable social media environment for its users.

X social media platform recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy and authentic user community. By implementing this subscription model, X aims to reduce the presence of bots and spammers, which can often hinder genuine conversations and interactions on the platform. This initiative aligns with X's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and promoting user-generated content.

The $1 subscription fee test is an innovative approach by X social media platform to address the challenges posed by automated accounts and spam. By introducing a nominal fee, X aims to deter malicious actors while providing users with a more secure and enjoyable social media experience. This move reflects X's dedication to improving the quality of interactions and content on its platform.

  • X social media platform, formerly Twitter, will test a $1 annual subscription fee.

  • The subscription fee will allow users to post content, like, reply, repost, quote, and bookmark posts.

  • The purpose of the fee is to combat bots and spammers on the platform.


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