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Worldcoin Aims to Establish Global ID Network Similar to India's Aadhaar

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has set its sights on creating a global ID network inspired by India's Aadhaar biometric ID system.


The company aims to provide individuals with a digital passport and a tradeable cryptocurrency in exchange for having their irises scanned using Worldcoin's "orb" devices. Despite concerns about privacy, over 2.4 million people have already signed up for this initiative.

Worldcoin's vision extends beyond identity verification. The company aims to build a comprehensive global network for identity and finance, with ambitious use cases such as distinguishing humans from AI bots and facilitating the distribution of universal basic income (UBI). Tiago Sada, Worldcoin's head of product, highlighted the Aadhaar project in India as a comparable example of the potential impact of Worldcoin's initiative.

Regulators in the United Kingdom and Germany have expressed interest in Worldcoin and are closely monitoring its activities since its launch in July. As Worldcoin continues to gain attention, it remains to be seen how its global ID network will evolve and whether it will overcome potential challenges related to privacy and regulatory compliance.

  • Worldcoin, led by Sam Altman, aims to establish a global ID network similar to India's Aadhaar.

  • Over 2.4 million people have already signed up for Worldcoin's digital ID and cryptocurrency initiative.

  • Worldcoin envisions a comprehensive network for identity and finance, including distinguishing humans from AI bots and facilitating UBI.

Credits: REUTERS

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