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India's Wipro Implements Three-Day Office Work Week for Employees

Updated: Jan 8

Wipro, India's fourth-largest IT services provider, has announced that starting this month, all its employees worldwide will be required to work from the office at least three days a week.


The decision comes as companies are adjusting their remote work policies in response to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Wipro's move aims to enhance communication and collaboration among its workforce.

Last week, Infosys, India's second-largest software services exporter, asked some employees to return to the office for 10 days a month. Meanwhile, industry leader TCS has mandated a five-day office work week for its employees. Wipro has been encouraging a three-day office work week since May and currently, approximately 55% of its workforce follows this schedule.

The mandate, effective from November 15, was confirmed by Wipro, which has a total of 244,707 employees as of September 30. The company did not provide specific details about the consequences for employees who fail to comply with the new policy. However, starting from January 7 next year, consistent defaulters may face disciplinary actions.

In an email seen by Reuters, Wipro stated that it will customise its approach based on local legislation and agreements in different countries. The company acknowledged that in some European countries, consultation with employee representation groups may be necessary.

The decision to implement a three-day office work week reflects Wipro's efforts to strike a balance between remote work and in-person collaboration. By having employees work from the office for a significant portion of the week, the company aims to foster better communication and teamwork among its workforce.

  • Wipro, India's fourth-largest IT services provider, mandates a three-day office work week for all employees globally.

  • The move is aimed at improving communication and collaboration among the workforce.

  • Infosys and TCS have also implemented similar policies, requiring employees to work from the office for a certain number of days per month or week.


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